#1 Fantagian™

This is the #1 Fantagian Page! This is Gbug, and we’ll be posting on here about some ppl we admire! (Btw, Farto deleted this page, so its not gonna be EXACTLY like the old one..But we’ll try(: )


This weeks #1 Fantagian is…..





We asked the #1 Fantagian these questions:

What is your username?: Corncake12348

When did you join Fantage?: The date would be July 26, 2009

How did you come up with your username?: I love cakes and the “corn” is random

What is your favorite mission on Fantage?:  Mostly all of them but my favorite is the Top Models

Any shout-outs?: Gbug, Jhn, Amandi, Amanda, Popstar, Linda, Emeline, Myleene, Vatt, and more!

Who will the next #1 Fantagian be? It could be anyone, it may even be YOU :mrgreen:




Leave a comment answering these questions and you MIGHT become the #1 fantagian!

Also leave a comment if I forgot a question was here before. Thanks for visiting!

~FTB team


66 Responses to “#1 Fantagian™”

  1. fillyphan Says:

    wait?! wat

  2. gmagic2000 Says:

    AWESOME ~! Im Gmagic2000 on fantage And my level is 184

  3. sealena Says:

    lol this is cool

  4. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    I have a question, are you allow to be #1 fantagian again?? If yes, here is my infomation:

    A1: Corncake12348
    A2: The date would be July 26 2009
    A3: I love cakes and the “corn” is random
    A4: Mostly all of them but my favorite is the Top Models
    A5: Gbug, Jhn, Amandi, Amanda, Popstar, Linda, Emeline, Myleene, Vatt, and more!

    Picture link: http://i55.tinypic.com/npgm0x.png
    This is from fantage japan if you people were wondering

  5. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    Im pretty sure you can…Except if theres other ppl that havnt been it- then you cant be it again (at the moment)

  6. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    YAY!!! IM THE #1 FANTAGIAN 😀 Hurray! Wow, on that fantage japan pic, I have big high eye brows O.o

  7. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    Omg u do hahaxD
    Wanna see my fj pic? here it is:

    gbug: hang on.. im trying to get it up xP
    MKAY! Got it haha

  8. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    Corncake, this will show you of how much of a friend I am to you. K, so it took me 45 MIN to get that link up there. I tried to figure out how to put it there, but I couldnt put it all together XD

    Another thing is it shows you how stupid lil bugzy is.

    Speaking of stupid, wheres.. (u know, i dont think i should finish that sentence xD)

  9. ҉·ღ☮❀☃εϊз~jay~εϊз☃❀☮ღ҉· Says:

    Hey, Gbug. I would also like to try out for ‘#1 Fantagian’. So here are my details.

    #1- Jayani
    #2-I joined on October 28th
    #3-‘Jayani’ It is my best friends nick name.
    #4-The mad scientist mission is my favourite of all
    #5- Gbug, lotto, romagnia, billybob09, alyssias, amandi05, toniette, kahuna , hilary_duff0 and many many more

    * You can use a picture from my website or the pic on the corner as the picture

  10. ҉·ღ☮❀☃εϊз~jay~εϊз☃❀☮ღ҉· Says:

    Sorry I just forgot to put the year in. So here it is,

    * #2-I joined on October 28th 2008

  11. cupcake52198 Says:

    I was #1 fantagian backk in 2009 but im commenting randomly lol x3

    What is your username?: cupcake52198

    When did you join Fantage?: ah. teh date shall be march 5, 2009

    How did you come up with your username?: well… back in good ol’ ’09 i was like obssessed with cupcakess soo cupcake… then 52198 is my D.O.B 5/21/98… so cupcake52198 waz born ❤

    What is your favorite mission on Fantage?: the very first one… top models and easter hunt 2009

    Any shout-outs?: eh.. jhn A.K.A jhn , ary, bugglesz (gbug), poppy the pirate! (popsicle), amanda the panda (amandi05), emyz (emeline21), mylenia (myleene) claud teh cloud (claudia1644) evayyy(evy) and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! <3'

  12. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    Omg, were getting comments and now Idk who to pick. It was easier when I had one at a time XD

  13. pinkypug22 Says:

    name: Pinkypug22
    when did i join fantage: Nov 2010
    How did i come up with my username: I had a horse named pinky and i love the color pink and i have a pug!

    any shout outs: Camorion212,to fab 4 ever,1little,penny,and many more!

  14. pinkypug22 Says:

    fav mission TOP MODELS!!! XP

  15. cutiepiesakura1 Says:

    i joined not late then 2011 my level is 10 my fave show is naruto and my fave character is sakura which my name is. my fave is top models and lady gaga rihanna and selena gomez and much more!

    • ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

      I like Naruto, too(: Lol but Sasuke is my fav. charecter, well HE WAS.. Until he like, went to Orochimaru (or what eva his name is). Now idk who my fav. charecter is now. I don’t watch it anymore. The last thing I saw was when some dude took Gaara somewhere :/.

  16. adrianab12345 Says:

    u guys umm im civic_princess

  17. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    No you’re not. I know Civic, and she doesn’t talk like that. Besides, you screen name says, “adrianab12345”. If it was her, it would be something like, Jen, Civic, Jenny, Civic_Princess, or whatever 😀 lol

  18. Lisa Says:

    August 28 2010.
    my nickname is lucy and sometimes mcd so i just put em together.
    um i cant remember any usernames………………..

  19. ❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪κıттч58♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤ Says:

    What is your username?:

    When did you join Fantage?:
    I think i joined May 19,2009

    How did you come up with your username?:
    When I was signing up,I looked out the window,I saw A guy that looked like he was 58 and he was trying to walk a kitty,Lol.

    What is your favorite mission on Fantage?:

  20. amy Says:

    hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

  21. amy Says:

    i want a member on fantage

  22. marinnnnnn :0 Says:

    1. Mia27
    2. April 12th, 2009
    3. I like the name mia and 27 is my fav number
    4. Ancient artifact 2
    5. no shoutouts

  23. blankregisterhi Says:

    ELLOZ! I wanna be the #1 fantagian sooooo heres meh answers:
    2-June 3rd,2009
    3-Well, i was looking around the fantage log in page and i saw a BLANK space, clicked on REGISTER, then i added HI at the end. So creative! :PPPP
    4-I like the top models or the strange visitor mission.
    5-Ashley,liljosh,lexi,drake,trey,kesha,taylor, and more than i can list!!!!!!!!!
    P.S.- HI MOM!!!

  24. guurl4life Says:

    Check out my blog! It has a chat box :]] http://Gbug: GAHH!! No advertising! Its a rule! 😛

  25. Emma Says:

    I want to be the #1 fantagian! so here i go! 😀
    2-uhmm…im pretty sure i joined march 17, 2008…two days after my bday! xD
    3-well i love the name Amber and my middle name is leigh but i spelled the leigh differently…then the 101 was just a number pattern thats easy to rememeber!
    4-i LOVE the acient artifact ones! xD
    5-uhmm….JASMIN!! and TAYLA!!!!!!! xDDDDDi loverzz you guys! xDD

  26. Butterfly2909 Says:

    What is your username?: Butterfly2909
    When did you join Fantage?: Feburary 23, 2010
    How did you come up with your username?: I like Butterflies, but 2909 is just randomness.. 🙂
    What is your favorite mission on Fantage?: The Missing Bear Cub
    Any shout-outs?: Jhn,Gbug,Kary90,123jenny34,Daisies101,Miyeon,& Animalcrossingwii

  27. witchmeandfantage Says:

    name:nicki mini 212

    How did I come up with my name: I love nicki manji and I look like a mini her..I guess alot of people say I do :/

    When Did I join Fantage: August 3, 2009

    What is my fav mission: Missing bear cub! :]

    Shout outs: Jhn- she’s soo awesome!! :],Gbug and the whole Fantage blog people!
    P.s I’m a bit n.e.r.d I love Sora.. and Nartuo! And Pandas 😀

  28. Elizabethle Says:

    Otay Otay

    name: elizabethle

    Joined:6 of June 2010

    Fav mission: Ancient Artifact 2

    Shout outs: idk people here so Ima shout out to Ginger19, Madison1406, zac0017,99rabbit and all my other bestiez LOL

  29. Elizabethle Says:

    Oh and I came up with elizabethle because idk, random I guess

    And here are my other shout outs to xD civic_princess red_ninja wowz13
    layla1612 little2234 and adela9072

  30. Nadettew Says:

    1. Nadettew
    2. 8th of October 2009
    3. I used to be part of club penguin and that was my username on it
    4. Mad scientist because it was really fun
    5. Tashystar44, Kooolkatt5, Tyre_80, Myer98765, Mumbelina_00

  31. christopher Says:

    Username: _germ_
    Joined Fantage: September 4th, 2008
    How did you come up with your username: My science fair is on germs 🙂
    Favorite Mission on Fantage: The Bear Cub Mission
    Shoutouts: Gbug, Jhn

    • ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

      Ty for shouting out.. but…It kinda makes me think ur sucking up xD THATS OK THOUGH! I do that all the time (: That’s why a lot of my teachers like me. And the fact that I get good grades…Hehe

  32. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    Umm.. it has been like OVER half a month that you didn’t change the #1 Fantagian… Change it?? I just want to see who is the next fantagian :3

  33. poppy5 Says:

    hi fantage

  34. ♥♥♥~99rabbit~♥♥♥ Says:

    Username: 99rabbit.

    Joined: Idk! Some month and day in 2009.

    Explain Username: Well I had just got a pet rabbit she gone now though, and my fav number 9 but 9rabbit didn’t work soo 99rabbit 😀

    Fav mission: Well I don’t really like missions buuut who broke top models?

    Shout outs: Well… Ccbunny, Ginger19, Elizabethle, Connor_james, Madison1406, Coolmanlol123… and other besties but most of all! *drum roll* ♥♥♥Zac0017♥♥♥

  35. BuTtErFlY2909 Says:

    You should update this page.

  36. ♥~KK70014~♥ Says:

    What is your username?: kk70014

    When did you join Fantage?: The date would be June 18, 2011

    How did you come up with your username?: I say ”KK” a lot and It helps me remember my lunch number for school

    What is your favorite mission on Fantage?: My fav is Who broke Top Models

    Any shout-outs?: ♥bliss, civic_princess, pinkstardust, Liyala, and more! (don’t know these people as friends but they r pretty awesome in my opinion)

  37. Silvia Says:

    my username: hope1402
    i joined fantage on : June 24th 2011
    came up with my username : my fav Build-A-Bear’s name is Hope and 1402 is my fav number combo!
    Favorite mission: top models ( ive almost completed it xD )
    Shout-outs: lauren22577, alexis-k, kies_me_bebs and logan6406 (logan is my other character! )
    thx i luv ur blog!,
    hope1402 u can find me in most top servers on the top page 4 servers or in white seal or yellow yetti!!!

  38. tiffo2 Says:

    what is your username? tiffo2
    when did uyou join fantage? may,17,2009
    how did you come up with your user name? my real name is tiffany and people call me tiffo in real life the 2 is cuz i needed a number
    what is ur favorit mission on fantage? ancient artifact 2
    any showt outs? zetino ,wywy2002 ,sunshine_7298, rigby1120, odalys, danela, nikky844, maple4, lizz219, sue, belz , bianca ,and more that know me!

  39. tiffo2 Says:

    my lvl is 366 im a notable

  40. Agnt007 Says:

    What is your username?: Agnt007

    When did you join Fantage?: December, 2008

    How did you come up with your username?: Well, I used to love James Bond but Agent007 was taken.

    What is your favorite mission on Fantage?: Probaly Who Broke into Top Models. I remember when it came out it was awesome.

    Any shout-outs?: I don’t really have many friends on Fantage anymore so just visit my blog. And of course the FantageBest team.

  41. anna Says:

    i wish corn and clivic_princess where my bffs on fantage 😦

  42. MeguGotchi Says:


  43. SAJA982 Says:


  44. Jessica Says:

    1) Kittycat1597
    2) June 6, 2009
    3)well I love animals so I put it kittycat and then I just did numbers across the keyboard
    4) probably the newest on

  45. lulu4322 Says:

    I’m lulu4322
    I’m level 722

  46. ♥•~Sskyla~•♥ Says:

    My name is Sskyla on Fantage,
    Level 138
    Playing since 2011
    has a wonderful blog about fantage.
    ~Sskyla. (PS have you abandoned your blog? OnO)
    home: [No advertising, Thank you]

  47. Aqua1122 Says:

    Hey i have a fantage account and she is a amazing high level! she is level 1103 its not a lie trust me…..

  48. Shinji Says:

    Hi I’m Shinji26 in fantage,ppl’

  49. cutiecake4321 Says:

    I am cutiecake4321 on Fantage, I love your blog!

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