The Last Gift!!

The last gift that the Wizards give to only MEMBERS is a BAT hoverboard!!


If you are a MEMBER you can get BOTH of them! So go and get the Board!

YEA!! (not bragging)


jhn119 #1!!!


The Wizard Party isn’t OVER!!! YEA it isn’t!! lol

This is from the fantage blog.

Hey everyone! Hope you have all enjoyed our Wizard Party, but… it’s not over yet! As a grand finale to the party, we will have a special gift. A magical hoverboard for our premium members to get! The best and last of Orion’s treasures is rare though, so be sure to save up your gems! The board will be available on the 30th and 31st, so be sure to log in those days for a chance to own this rare, enchanted hoverboard.

Hope you get the hoverboard!!~

Please check out my video

Please click on this link and see the video.

Hope you like it 😀



Greetings and salutations! Orion here, I’m seizing control over the blog today. If you have visited my domain by the Forest, you will have noticed I’ve been gone! I’ve been traveling to distant lands and exploring magnificent places in search for greater power. It was a marvelous trip and I have brought back an abundance of glorious treasures to share, but only with those who believe in magic!

My companions and I will test your mystical knowledge. If you pass, you will be rewarded with rare, magical items like enchanted capes, magical wands, and mystical (and highly fashionable!) hats. You will be able to challenge me outside my domain, right pass the Forest. My companions will be waiting for you at the Forest and the Castle. So come by and visit us and join the party. The fun never stops when wizards party down!


We’re also going to have a contest on Youtube for the best “Fantage Wizard Party!” Try to be creative or just have a whole bunch of people at your party! You have to make the title on Youtube “Fantage Wizard Party”.
All participants will get the NEW “Movie Director” medal, and special medals will be given to our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners!. The winners will be decided by who can get the most views plus the coolest looking video…maybe decided by M. Good luck everyone!

Click here to submit the contest!

OMG!!! Thank you Thank you!!!!~

OMG!!!!!!!!!! In less than a week i got more the 200 views!!!!!!

I’m not trying to brag or anything I just wanted to say

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to all my viewers!!!! thank you!!~


MoRe SeRvErS

There are more NEW servers now u can choose over 26 servers WOW!! 😀

How WoNdErFuL

more servers

more servers


I got 100 views in 3 THREE days!!!!!!!

I just started this blog and I didn’t think i would get more than 100

in 3 days!!!

Well…. thxs to everyone that comes to this blog!

Bye now!!~


Mission Center


All the servers were FULL

When I got on fantage this morning

all the severs on the left were FULL!!!!!

WOW all severs are FULL