Hello everyone!~

These past months everyone has been asking can I be a mod or co-owner.

Well know there’s a chance you can become a Co-Owner!


Here’s how the contest works:

When you are on the computer come to this blog everytime you get on and the chat (of course)

And leave a LOT of comments!

This contest will start from the 9/1/09~9/8/09

When I see you on this blog’s chat and I see a lot of comments FROM you there will be a CHANCE that you get to be a co-owner on my chat!

NOTE: If your a co-owner sorry you can’t enter the contest but mods,members and guest CAN!


OMG I was on MY chat and look how MANY people were on the chat!


Thank you thank you!!

PLEASE come again to this blog!!~

THANK you!


Just awsome pictures!




Key: Picture 1 was made by Sammy! (Go Sammy)

2 was maded by me! (Go jhn119) lol 😛

Family’s ♥

Okay as you guys know Zokker and Gokker are sisters and brothers!

Zokker sent me these HEART WARMING pictures. (lol)
00000Family ♥ Family ♥00001Family ♥

Please if you have a sister that plays fantage or a borther,cousin send pictures of you and them and send it to and I’ll post those pictures on this blog!~

PS. Tell me how your related to them like are you a sister to her/him. 

Dance Party!

Posted by the awsome Fantage Blog:

Howdy party people!

Have you all been getting your groove on this past week? We hope so, because we have good news. Our party is going to be extended until Sunday night to let those already in school get a chance to boogie down. Turn up your speakers, new party music will be in tomorrow. As awesome as the music was, we know you can’t dance to the same song for a week strait! Tomorrow, our free gift item will be a rare sticker, you will get it in downtown. The memories of the dance party will never be forgotten with this commemorative sticker. Be sure to pick one up tomorrow. Also, we will be giving out specials items for those who logged in every day and have all the party items. Wanna know what they are? Huh, huh, do ya, do ya? I’ll tell you… crowns! That’s right folks, crowns will finally be available for those aren’t around during our Beta period. The crowns will be given out on Monday. Be sure to log in each day to get the gifts, and enjoy the rest of the party!


Another New Item

Thanks Viewers!

I just want to do a shout-out to all my viewers that come to this blog 24/7!