New Cheats!!!!~

Okay on Fantage there are new cheats that I found!!!! There REALLY awsome!!!

First Cheat is called “Pop”

First you go to downtown and found the ballons right next to the Le Shop. 00000POP

Then CLICK on the ballons as many times with your mouse untill it POPS!! POP

And that’s how you pop the ballons.

Second Cheat is called I’m not sure but I’ll think of the name.

First you go to the the area where the Fashion Show place is STARs

and click on the….STARz and then follow the STARS!!! 

Then your..STAR there!!

The Comet

This is from the fantage blog:

It is quite the phenomenon, once a year, the August issue of The Comet comes around. The stars need to line up just right for this rare spectacle to happen. Unlike Halley’s Comet made up of ice, Fantage’s magazine The Comet is filled with contests, fan art, comics, and user written column entries. You can also read all about Fantage’s Member of the Month! It is a highly desired honor, to be the one person chosen out of all of Fantage! Maybe next month you can be the next featured member, your first step is checking out The Comet. Participating in contests, commenting on the blog, making videos and being overall active in the Fantage community will get you noticed. We have to know who you are to choose you to be featured!

The August issue of The Comet will hit newsstands, and by that I mean the little newspaper boxes around the world later tonight! Click here to view The Comet. If you don’t see August on the cover, check back a little later and see if the new issue is out!

This is from my blog:

Congrats to irock1414 for winning 2nd place on the comic on fantage!!!!

Congrats to Boggieramon for being a member of the month!!!~