Sorry guys..:(

Hello viewers!!~

The party that I was going to have is canceled….why? cause on 8/14/09

I have to go to a “New Student oreantation” for middle school..:(

But when I do have time like on Saturday where everyone can come

I’ll have a Back to School Party/1,000 hit/2,000 hit party!!~

But anyways the 1,000 party will be canceled. 😦

3 Responses to “Sorry guys..:(”

  1. Linda Says:

    are you going to 7th grade? LUCKY! oh wait your not haha cuz middle school is harder im barely going to 6th grade!……. AGAIN! no i didn’t flunk……it’s a looong story ok 🙂

  2. Michelle aka 210kitty10 Says:

    im goin to 7th

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