One of my newest viewers Dj_Sammy made pixel and I thought it was PRETTY!!!

So im goin to show you ALL of my viewers what she did!!!! 😀 Just saying don’t post a comment saying “I love it, I just want to marry is!!” JKLOL 😀 But it’s a GREAT PIXEl!!~

 PRETTY!! Its a Wizard costume: its really RED  but she pixeled it to PRETTY BLUE!!

The Gray Monster GOT BIGGER!!

The gray monster got BIGGER then ever!!!!!!!!!!!

IT was BIG BIG I tell you HUGE!!

Gray Monster

You can see the gray monster on the right to the worker of the LE Shop.

Creature and Creature and only one

The Creature a.k.a Gray Monster


And There is a a tab on your inventory the said’s “Creature” and when you click on it

it will show you what creatures you have for the Creature Arena.


When I was in a fashion with only 6 people, on the Final Round EVERYONE left me and so I was the only one doing the pose and jumping and waving and crying and etc. ( Not even the host was there)



I went to Amandi05’s place on fantage and ALL the furniture was TINY!

Here’s are some pictures of it.



August Stuff

Poasted from the Fantage Blog:

August 2009 New Furniture

1. Hanging Lights
2. Popcorn Machine
3. Dotted Blue Mug (Non Member)
4. Dotted Pink Mug (Non Member)
5. Tea Set

We know what you love most… new clothes! We have tons of new styles for you to choose from. Trendy, street, sporty, or elegant, there is something for everyone with this line-up. Tell Michelle at Le Shop M sent you. She’ll give you a great price!

“Surf Board” “Orange Board” “Speedy 2″

“Green Hair w/Visor”
“Black Tank”
“Blue Shorts
“Blue flip flops”

“Scuba Hair”
“Scuba Outfit w/ Tube”
“Scuba Flippers”

“Hair ACC – Baby Plant”
“Hair-Ian Style w/Headphones”
“Hoodie w/Duffel bag”
“Rolled-up Blue Jeans”

“Blue Star Bandana”
“Red Sporty T”
“Blue Water Tube”

“Astronaut (Costume)”

“Blue Hair w/Hat”
“Cherry Knit Dress”
“Red Sandals”

“Red Cap w/Earrings”
“Orange Party T”
“Shorts w/ Red Belt”
“Long White Boots”

” Blond Hair w/Pink Ribbon”
“Heart Earrings”
“Pink Princess Dress”

“Purple Hair w/Tiara”
“White Party Dress”

“Puffy Dotted Shirt “

“Pink Striped T”

“Tulip Girl (Costume)”

“Strawberry (Costume)”


The August items will be released on this Thursday!

Enjoy the new items and stay cool Fantage!