New Mission

There is a new mission out on Fantage and a NEW mission out on my blog (FTB Missions)

The mission out on Fantage is called “The Stange Vister”

and on my blog mission is called “Wanted Kitty”

Here is a picture for the Mission on Fantage.


Meet my cousin

Hello viewers!!~

This might be the last post for the summer for me… :{

But anyways I would like you all to meet my cousin Cupz!!!

She just started Fantage and a little younger than us (I bet).

Shes only 7 years old!!! (I know shes YOUNG!!) She doesn’t know how to read that well and

spell that well.. So if you see her spelling words that are spelled diferent please tell her

and DON’T make fun of her. Please!!! 

REMEMBER she’s only 7 years old!!!


P.S. For now my cousin is only using Safe Chat.

And that’s why she wrote “Fantastic!” lol