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This was posted by the Fantage Blog and it tells you more about the Dance Party:

Summer Dance Party!

Hey everyone, with summer coming to an end, we decided to end it with a huge dance party event! Come Monday, you will be able to find cool dance stages at the Beach and in the Carnival. Free costumes will be available, and the best part… DANCING AVATARS! That’s right Fantagians, you will all have your chance to “Bust-A-Move” and boogie down. Along with FREE COSTUMES for your dancing needs, we will be throwing another YouTube video contest. Record a video of the dance party and put it up on YouTube, and you can win the rare Video Contest medal for your IDFone. Party music will be in every room, and there will even be a brand new VIP Lounge with exclusive admittance. The free items will be released one day at a time, so keep coming back and be sure to collect them all!

End your summer with a blast! The festivities begin Monday the 24th. We’ll see you there!

One Response to “More info”

  1. justin Says:

    hi im justin
    and i want to be part of the fantage commuity
    but i dont know how…:(
    so i was wondering if anyone in fantage commuity could tell me..

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