Dance Party!

Here are some pictures from the Dance Party!






8 Responses to “Dance Party!”

  1. Linda Says:

    jhn ur lucky u can go in the VIP room 😦

  2. Ambry Says:

    so thats how the vip room looks likes btw did u get the dance board?

  3. emma Says:

    i no ur soo luckyy:-( :((

    • lιηⓓγ _♥ Says:

      u do realize… this was in august and your commenting now in.. uuhhh april? XD

  4. gbug99 Says:

    lol lindy ur commenting on it too. 😀 and so am i O.o

    • lιηⓓγ _♥ Says:

      ppsshhh… i can comment in december 2009, september 2009.. i can eben friggin comment in 2011 ❗

  5. gbug99 Says:

    srry i wuz just saying.
    I mean anybody can post a comment cuz that just gives you more views…. (*.*)

  6. miso12 Says:

    I’am not a member and I still can go to the vip room go to youtube and write:how to go to the vip room with out being a member

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