Hello everyone!~

These past months everyone has been asking can I be a mod or co-owner.

Well know there’s a chance you can become a Co-Owner!


Here’s how the contest works:

When you are on the computer come to this blog everytime you get on and the chat (of course)

And leave a LOT of comments!

This contest will start from the 9/1/09~9/8/09

When I see you on this blog’s chat and I see a lot of comments FROM you there will be a CHANCE that you get to be a co-owner on my chat!

NOTE: If your a co-owner sorry you can’t enter the contest but mods,members and guest CAN!


OMG I was on MY chat and look how MANY people were on the chat!


Thank you thank you!!

PLEASE come again to this blog!!~

THANK you!