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Extra extra read all about it! Halloween is coming to Fantage!

Hey folks! October is about here, and we know your favorite part of October: Halloween. The fun starts with the October issue of The Comet, with special writing contest, and a new crossword puzzle game. The new issue comes out tomorrow night, be sure to check it out to participate in all the upcoming fun. Throughout the month we will be rolling out goodies like seasonal backgrounds, new rare costumes, special events and much more!

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jhn119fantageparty,gifHello Everyone!

Halloween is coming and I thought I should have a Halloween Party for all of us here!

I don’t know if I should so I need YOUR help to tell me what you think and if I should have the party and if I should not. 😀

5th Mission and Anaira1998

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Hey everyone! Our newest mission is ready for playing, so head to the Mission Center and help stop our newest threat: the evil Dr. Finkelstein. The world is in danger, and in these times of peril, we need a hero. We need you! There are lots of brand new features for this mission, it’s a whole new experience. Enjoy your weekend, and remember there are high scores for missions. Compete with your friends to see who can complete the mission the fastest!

Get a sweet new badge!! A shiny new medal to remind you of the good times had during the mission.

Dr. Finkelstein seems to have made his attack on Fantage a bit late. He couldn’t get an appointment with his hair stylist until now. In the end, what good is taking over the world if your hair doesn’t look good?

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jhn119fantageparty,gifHey awesome Fantagians!~

Like I said before on the other post about the http://fantagethebest.forumotion.com/

Well I need to give credit to someone and give a “Shout-out”!

First I need to give credit to Anaira (anaira1998) because since I’m new with making a forum she is helping me! 🙂 Second I would like to give a “shout-out” to…………………..*Drum-Roll PLEASE*

EVERYONE THAT COMES TO THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!! (I can’t name them all lol)!!!!! 😀

Join Now!~

jhn119fantageparty,gifHello Viewers!~

Are you a BIG FAN of this blog???..?

Well if you said yes (YOU SHOULD lol) you can get more into the blog and learn more about this blog and fantage!

Click on http://fantagethebest.forumotion.com/

There’s lots more to do there. You can make your own post and tell everyone what you think and MORE!~

Join Now! 😀


jhn119fantageparty,gifHello Everyone

This message is for the people on the Fantage Commuinty Page.

The contest is suppose to end on 9/30/09  but thats way to long so it ened today!  (9/26/09)

So if you entered the contest go see if you won!~

5th Mission

Trouble looms over the horizon. Who are these mysterious characters, and what does it mean for Fantage? This weekend, we will release our 5th mission: The Mad Scientist. More epic than any previous mission, the fate of the world depends on you! Save Fantage from certain doom! The mission comes out on Friday afternoon, get ready. Fun, adventure and heroism awaits you!

Here is some help!

If you need help to find all the nuggets look at the picture and maybe it will help! 😀

00000golden nuggets

00001golden nuggets

00002golden nuggets

00003golden nuggets

00005golden nuggets

00004golden nuggets

00006golden nuggets

00007golden nuggets

00008golden nuggets

00009golden nuggets

00010golden nuggets

00011golden nuggets

00012golden nuggets

00013golden nuggets

golden nuggets

The Fantage Golden Rush!

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Listen up folks, we have a very special, one time event in the works! Get excited, it’s about to get crazy! We will be hiding golden nuggets throughout the world. If you can find all 15, you can cash in the golden nuggets for 3000 Stars if you collect all of them! This event will span from the 23rd to the 27th, so sharpen your pick axes and break out your mining helmets, the Fantage Golden Nugget Hunt is on!