Greetings Fantagians!

Today we’d like to announce the winners of our Dance Party Video Contest!

Coming in first place, a video by Boogieramon and Filipino. Great work you two! Stepping up to take our two second place awards are Meyy and Gray. Congratulations to them! We have eight third place winners. Those lucky participants are more commonly known as Ianz1998, Pinkk101, 2008Sarah, DippinDots123, PrincesserBear, Lane, Alyssias and ItsKayOmg.

All participants will receive the pink participant medals, and special medals go out to those in first, second and third place.

Our “Whack A Veggie” game comes out this Friday. It’s a fun game you will be able to find in the arcade. Grab a giant hammer and try to smash the vegetables as they pop out of their hiding spot! Add a little avocado and you have the makings for some excellent guacamole!


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Congratz!! Aly (alyssias) Princesserbear 2008Sarah TO ALL MY BESTIES that won!~ 🙂