Hello everyone sorry I didnt post these days. My internent BROKE down.

But know it’s ALL OK! lol

POSTED my the Fantage blog:

Hey everyone, hope you’re having a blast at our Back to School party! I’m going to let you in on the new items that are coming out. One item will come out each day: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to log in each day to get all the items!

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Coming Soon: Back to School Party!

September 9th, 2009

Hey everyone! Congratulations to all the Whack a Veggie contest winners! We gave out 5043 stickers and you can find this limited edition sticker when you check your sticker inventory.

It’s always hard to say goodbye to the summer. Summer may end, but the fun never stops here at Fantage! We are throwing a “Back to School Party!” this weekend: Friday the 11th through Sunday the 13th. Bring your friends into Fantage. Use the “Invite a Friend” feature to invite a friend, and you can earn 500 Stars plus a new medal shown to the right. That’s not all! There will be new FREE items!

To use the “Invite a Friend” feature, simply click the 2nd button from the left at the bottom of your in-game screen.

Next, simply put in your friend’s e-mail address, and an automated e-mail will be sent to them.

If your friend plays for an hour, you will receive the new medal and 500 Stars. It’s that easy! The 500 Stars will be given out Tuesday, after the party.