I will if I have too!

Ok, I’m soooo sorry!!

Who want’s ice cream? I think i came at a wrong time…

That’s ok cause we always come at the wrong time too! You’ll Get use to it! HAHAHA

Let it rain Let it rain!! Oops wrong time?

The End!!!!


Hello viewers!~
Hoped you liked my little

And you guessed it I’m Boared!

Well I’ll see you all later! bye bye bye 🙂

New mini-contest

  “I might even be a rockstar!!” lol

Hello Viewers!

I hope that little clip cheered you up…lol

Cause I have nothingn to do!! lol 😀

Please leave comments writing a joke.

The best joke will be featured on the next post!
(i guess this is a contest).

But no prizes!

New version of TMI’s Fashion Show

Posted by the Faantage Blog:

Hey everyone, looking for something to do this weekend? Look no further! Here at Fantage we are unleashing Multi-Theme Fashion Show! Trying to dress for two themes adds a whole new dimension to the game! The new version of TMI’s Fashion Show, along with special contest for you.

This weekend, Friday the 18th through Sunday the 20th, we will be having a high score contest for our signature fashion show game at Top Model’s Inc.
You will win a sticker if you get a score of at least 3000 or more on any of the servers. The stickers will be given out to the winners on next Monday at 5pm.

Be sure to turn your sound on and experience our cool new tunes. We are also releasing new music for our runway models.
Enjoy it!