Posted By the Fantage Blog:

Our lighthouse just needs a few more coats of paint and it will be ready… but it looks like someone is already looking to claim the lighthouse for himself. Who is this guy, and what could he possibly need a lighthouse for? Who is his hair stylist? So many questions! You’ll just have to keep checking back for more info!

Also, congratulations to all our Top Models contest winners! There were 8650 stickers given out, and you should have it in your sticker inventory now.

jhn119fantageparty,gifPosted By me:

Everyone I know you want to be a owner and a mod on my chat now there is a chance!  (not a contest)

About in a week or so I’m going to reset the chat! And the people who comments a lot and comes to this blog and never got a chance to be a mod or a co-owner, will know have a chance! Please write a comment if you want to be a co-owner or a mod. (People that are already a co-owner or a mod, I’m sorry but you’ll won’t get picked because you’ve already been a mod/Co-owner)!


NOTE:Next month the people that are a mod/co-owner right now can enter NEXT MONTH!! 🙂 I hope this chat and blog becomes more fair! 😀