Here is some help!

If you need help to find all the nuggets look at the picture and maybe it will help! 😀

00000golden nuggets

00001golden nuggets

00002golden nuggets

00003golden nuggets

00005golden nuggets

00004golden nuggets

00006golden nuggets

00007golden nuggets

00008golden nuggets

00009golden nuggets

00010golden nuggets

00011golden nuggets

00012golden nuggets

00013golden nuggets

golden nuggets

5 Responses to “Here is some help!”

  1. Linda Says:

    waiit a minute did u get that by ya slef or did u read what i commenteted on the other one 0_o

  2. yoimizzy Says:

    this could really help pplz
    but i already found everything

  3. Gokker Says:

    this really HELPED!!!!!!!
    it took me a minute to find it all because of this!!!
    Thanks jhn119!
    Awesome Blog!

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