Happy Halloween!!!!

mememememeHey EVERYONE!


Ok, so if I was on the chat these few days it wasn’t me…=[

I couldn’t get on the computer because of my mom. So my cousin (Katie) got on and started to be ME!

But today (10/31) that was me and not Katie. =[

SO if you were talking to “me” these last few days …it wasn’t me.


By the way AFTER Halloween I’m going to take a picture of ALL the viewers of this blog with there HALLOWEEN coustume on. HOW COOL! SO make sure you have something that was from the Halloween Party on Fantage!

More information about this will be posted up when the time has come for the picture!







Calling All Trick-or-Treaters!

Posted By the Fantage Blog:

Boooooo! It is the Eve of Halloween and although Fantage is still being haunted by ghostly figures, we are ready for our big event! On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, get ready to go Trick-or-Treating! There will be characters all over the world handing out special goodies. Make sure to get into the spirit by dressing up in those costumes you have hanging around your inventory–and new ones you may have won!

These creepy characters will be giving out tons of treats!


Receive either Gems or Stickers whenever you Trick or Treat—but beware, these spooky characters aren’t giving out prizes without a catch! Each time you Trick or Treat, you will be asked a Halloween-themed question. For every question answered correctly, you’ll receive a prize! On Friday and Sunday, the prize will be gems that you can use to buy new costumes at Wizard’s Domain. On Saturday, receive stickers!

Don’t forget—if you are a seasoned Trick or Treater and think you have what it takes, Trick or Treat on all 3 Days and receive a medal to show off on your IDFone.



Hello Everyone!

I’m going to show you 5 different moving pictures. After you see them ALL please vote on the poll.

Number one                 Number two             Number three                    Number four                             Number Five

me meme mememe memememe mememememe


Now time to VOTE!!!




memememeHello Everyone!!!!!~
I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bored!!!!! No one is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, do you like my new picture up there??????????

Well it’s my NEWEST one!!! I’m going to make more and MORE and MORE and etc.

I hope you like those pictures the move..lol

I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOO BORED!!! Wait I’m going to make another one of those moving pictures!!!~


Ready to Solve Riddles?

Posted By the Fantage Blog:

Hello everyone! Be sure to break out that thinking cap because tomorrow we are unleashing a Halloween Riddle Solving event. You will have to catch more of those hidden Ghosts, but this time with a twist—you will have to solve their riddles as well! If you can outsmart all 10 Ghosts in a battle of wits, you will earn special prizes.

But, be careful, these Ghosts can be tricksters! What is this one thinking?

Also, don’t forget to get ready for the Big Event! Make sure those dazzling Halloween costumes are dusted off, ironed, and ready for show because starting Friday there will be Trick-or-Treating! All of the Fantage characters will be in the spirit of giving—gems and stickers that is! Participate in this event on all three days and you will win this special medal. 2009-halloweenmedal

We’ll see you there!~

Posted By Me (Jhn119):

mememeHello Everyone!

Sorry that I wasn’t posting. I was in trouble by my mom and couldn’t get on the computer. =[

But now I am for like an hour so. . . yeah… anyways I wanted to show everyone the

FantageTheBest Poster™!

“Ladies and gentle man GET ready for the FantageTheBest Poster™” Lol

Here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FantageTheBest-Poster™

Like it? Hope you do!

By the way I know I’m going to be getting more and more people SO every two months I’m going to have a NEW poster so the new people that joined can be in the poster.!!!!!!!

I know this blog ROCKS!!! Yeah I know that!

FantageTheBest Poster™

mememeHello everyone~!

I am FINALLY done making the poster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah…I know what your thinking “Where is the poster?”

Well in my blog being part of the Fantage community is like being a Premium Member on this blog(but its free) but if you didn’t join your just like a member on fantage but on this blog.

If your not part of the Fantage community PLEASE JOIN!~

Ok, for those of you that ARE part of the community I, posted the poster on the FTB Mission page.

GO check it out!






PS:I will post the poster on a post where EVERYONE can see. The Fantage Commuinty people get a head start looking at it. =]

Let’s Go Ghost Hunting!


Attention Ghostbusters! It’s almost time for the Halloween Party and ghosts, goblins, and other scary creatures are starting to surface—and we need you to Ghost Hunt! Starting Monday, there will be 15  Ghosts hidden throughout Fantage—find them all and you will win a special prize! The fun doesn’t end there because all weeklong there will be spoooooky events such as a Riddle Solving activity and Trick-or-Treating for gems and stickers. We know you’ll want to use those gems for the new Halloween costumes coming out!


Keep your eyes peeled for these Ghoulish Ghosts on Monday!


mememeHello everyone!~

About the FantageTheBest Poster™ I’ve been thinking and I think I’m going to put everyone that is on the Fantage Commuinty Page. I think that’s fair and if your NOT on the page please send me a picture of you on Fantage so I could post you on the poster (fantagethebest@gmail.com)

PS:This poster isn’t just some weird one. IT’S AWESOME and IT’S NOT EVEN WEIRD! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?! =]

And I’ll start making the poster THIS SATURDAY (10-24) so hurry and send them in!~

New! Magical Pumpkin Game

Posted by the Fantage Blog:

Hello everybody! Halloween is fast approaching and it is time to get into the spirit! So, tomorrow we are releasing a brand new activity called the Magical Pumpkin Game. This game is special because it is played as a group with other users inside of a giant pumpkin and allows you to compete against fellow Fantagians for free Stars! But, what makes this pumpkin so magical? Well, we don’t want to ruin the surprise, so you’ll just have to wait and see!

Be sure to look for it tomorrow located in the Carnival!


Posted By the Fantage Blog:

Hi everyone!  Coming up next week is the spooooky Halloween Party you’ve all been waiting for which will begin on Monday, October 26th. We have lots of fun activities planned including a Ghost Hunting Party, a Riddle Solving event, and Trick-or-Treating for free gems, stickers, and gift items. A special medal will be awarded to those who participate in this one-of-a-kind event!

Password changed!

meHello everyone!

The FTB Mission Page’s password CHANGED!
SO C’mon and ask me the password!~ =]