Hello everyone! I’ve been thinking I should have a Halloween Party!

But I’m not sure because through Halloween I’m going to move so I might not have internet! :{

But hopefully it will be AFTER halloween when I move! If I do plan the party the party will be the DAY BEFORE halloween because I know that some of you guys go trick or treating ( i do too).

Also I would like to know what your going to be for Halloween!

Are you going to be a or

oror what?

Tell me! Leave a comment and tell me! Also tell me if your pet will dress up. If so TELL ME!

BTW I’m going to be a CAT! :} lol pease out everyone! 🙂

Yeah you stuff!

Posted by Fantage!:

Hey everyone! Static here and we just got in our monthly shipment of new stickers and other IDFone accessories. They are really cool! Let me show you what’s new.

First up, IDFone skins and wallpapers.

Next, take a look at these new sticker sheet backgrounds.

Also shown are this month’s rare stickers.

Now let’s check out our new sticker sets.

Lastly, our new individual stickers for your stickering needs.