Ready to Solve Riddles?

Posted By the Fantage Blog:

Hello everyone! Be sure to break out that thinking cap because tomorrow we are unleashing a Halloween Riddle Solving event. You will have to catch more of those hidden Ghosts, but this time with a twist—you will have to solve their riddles as well! If you can outsmart all 10 Ghosts in a battle of wits, you will earn special prizes.

But, be careful, these Ghosts can be tricksters! What is this one thinking?

Also, don’t forget to get ready for the Big Event! Make sure those dazzling Halloween costumes are dusted off, ironed, and ready for show because starting Friday there will be Trick-or-Treating! All of the Fantage characters will be in the spirit of giving—gems and stickers that is! Participate in this event on all three days and you will win this special medal. 2009-halloweenmedal

We’ll see you there!~

Posted By Me (Jhn119):

mememeHello Everyone!

Sorry that I wasn’t posting. I was in trouble by my mom and couldn’t get on the computer. =[

But now I am for like an hour so. . . yeah… anyways I wanted to show everyone the

FantageTheBest Poster™!

“Ladies and gentle man GET ready for the FantageTheBest Poster™” Lol

Here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FantageTheBest-Poster™

Like it? Hope you do!

By the way I know I’m going to be getting more and more people SO every two months I’m going to have a NEW poster so the new people that joined can be in the poster.!!!!!!!

I know this blog ROCKS!!! Yeah I know that!