Attention: We’re Hiring Reporters!

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camera_flash6Attention job seeking Fantagians!  Starting Friday, we will be hiring news reporters to cover interesting news and events around Fantage! On Friday, there will be a NEW building on Mt. Fantage called Comet & Co. and they need your help! Go there to take the test to become a reporter. Pass the test and you will receive your reporter’s camera which will be available for pick-up on Monday.

Each month, reporters will receive 4 different themes that they will be assigned to cover. Reporters will take a snapshot of an interesting event that matches the theme and then write a short blurb describing the action. Don’t worry about having the equipment for this task, we will provide everything for you! Those who write the best reports will have their work featured in the new weekly Comet. For each submission, you will be paid in Stars!

Comet & Co. needs your help!


If you think you have an eye for the unique and a talent for news writing, then take the quiz Friday!

New! Bricks Breaking Event

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Hello all! This weekend, we are having a game event like no other! We know you love to play Bricks Breaking because it is an awesome game, but now we’re giving you two NEW reasons to play! Not only did we give the game a snazzy new makeover, but this weekend, when you play Bricks Breaking, receive DOUBLE the Stars! Two times the stars means two times the fun! You can use that extra bundle of Stars you earn to buy some of the new items that were just released—or save for upcoming items!


Stop by the Arcade this weekend to revel in all the excitement!

Tomorrow, New Limited Edition Board!

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Hello everyone! Michael here from Loco Boardz. We hope you are enjoying all of the new items that went out today! In addition, we have a special surprise for those who missed the chance to buy limited edition vacuum board today. Tomorrow, we are releasing another special limited edition board at 3 PM Eastern time. You’ll definitely look cool riding around in this animated convertible board—but remember to race over to Loco Boardz before they’re all sold out! This board will only be available to the first 5,000 Fantagians that grab it!

Check it out!


New November Items!

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Greetings all! It seems the time has fallen upon us once again…for our mid-month item release extravaganza! Tomorrow, Nov. 12th, there will be brand new items for you to choose from! These new items will help you look awesome and also add to your fashion show domination over at Models, Inc. Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the NEW items that are coming out in Stellar Salon, Le Shop, and Loco Boardz on Thursday!

It’s getting cold, so be sure to bundle up! Wear these clothes and be toasty warm all winter. We made sure to include some hats for those really snowy days–but we didn’t forget to add stylin’ hair as well!


As always, we’ll have cool new boards to choose from! Our awesome animated Vacuum Board is going to be a *special limited item* available only to the first 700 users who nab it!


Remember, this is only a snippet of what is to come! So head over to the shops tomorrow and don’t forget to check the Wizard’s Domain!


mememeHello Everyone!

I have TWO big news for EVERYONE.

First of  the post I made before I just wanted to tell everyone HOW I FELT and I think people are getting mad at me for that post… I wasn’t trying to mak anyone mad I was just saying HOW I FELT about it so IF YOU ARE MAD  AT ME I amd really sorry and I hope you come here…Lol

Second news is for the mods/owners of the chat. Please if you read the rules on the bottom of the chat it says to REGISTER TO BECOME A MEMBER and someone has been making people a member when they did NOT register. If you don’t know how to know if people are registered please look at the picture.

Picture=registered  Picture=NOT registered

If you see the people that ARE registered has a star by their name and the people that didn’t register don’t have the star.

Please Stop

memeHello everyone!

These past few weeks I’ve been going to some of FantageTheBest viewers blogs and they have the SAME theme as me.

Not to be mean but there has been WAY to many people using the theme RIGHT AFTER I used it.

When the first few people used it I was like “Nahh…I don’t care”

But now everyone that is making a WORDPRESS blog is using the same theme and if you read the copyright thingy it list some of the stuff you shouldn’t copy and “Theme” is on there.

I’m really getting mad because I’m a person where I HATE people who copy me and in school when like we do projects and people copy me … I get real MAD and I don’t want to do that HERE so please if you don’t mind please change the theme to something eles. And since we’re on the topic of coping, don’t copy ANYTHING on this blog. I will be checking on the copyscape’s website to see if anyone copied me every 2 days a week. So please don’t.

pIcTuRe PaRtY

meHello everyone!

I have picked a date FOR the our first “FantageTheBest Halloween Picture”!

Its going to be on November 21.

For more imformation scroll down.

When: November 21 (Saturday)  3:00~3:30 Central Time

Where: Mt Fantage, Orange Monkey

Who: Every member of this blog!

What: For a FantageTheBest Halloween Picture™

Please R.S.V.P to

If you can’t make it STILL e-mail me and tell me why you can’t.

Boxy Challenge and More!

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Attention all Fantagians! We have some cool events coming up on Friday, the best day of the week! First, we are holding a special event, a test of mental skill, for all of you gamers out there. From Friday through Sunday, play Boxy and earn DOUBLE the Stars! That means 2x the Stars in only half the time! You can find Boxy perched atop Mt. Fantage. For the more skilled Boxy players, we have a special challenge for you—score in the Top Ten and win a rare sticker to show off!

The contest will last until Sunday and the prize will be awarded on Monday.

Wait, there’s more news! On Friday, we will also be adding a personal guide that will appear whenever you log in to Fantage. You can access it after you start playing as well by clicking the “Guide” button. Starting tomorrow, look for these characters whenever you hop on Fantage—they will be there to help you out with special events, announcements, prizes, and more!



November Comet!

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Extra, extra, read all about it!

November Comet!

Hello Folks! November is here and that means Fall has arrived—as well as a new issue of the Comet! We have lots of fun stuff for you to read about in this issue. First off, you’ll definitely want to check out the results from the last Fan Art and Comic contests that you all voted for in our new Contest Corner. Who knows, you might just be a winner! Also, in this issue, discover who told the most chilling tale from our Writer’s Den ghost story contest.

Then, break out those art tools and that clever comic genius once again because this issue will have info on the newest contests that you’ll be able to enter—not to mention other fun goodies we have in store for the month of November including our NEW Fall backgrounds!

Also, congratulations to everyone who received the Halloween 2009 medal!

Stay cool!