November Comet!

Poster By the Fantage Blog:

Extra, extra, read all about it!

November Comet!

Hello Folks! November is here and that means Fall has arrived—as well as a new issue of the Comet! We have lots of fun stuff for you to read about in this issue. First off, you’ll definitely want to check out the results from the last Fan Art and Comic contests that you all voted for in our new Contest Corner. Who knows, you might just be a winner! Also, in this issue, discover who told the most chilling tale from our Writer’s Den ghost story contest.

Then, break out those art tools and that clever comic genius once again because this issue will have info on the newest contests that you’ll be able to enter—not to mention other fun goodies we have in store for the month of November including our NEW Fall backgrounds!

Also, congratulations to everyone who received the Halloween 2009 medal!

Stay cool!

4 Responses to “November Comet!”

  1. LINdA Says:

    yay! i get to celebrate my first thanksgiving in fantage!!!!!!! awesum! ^.^

  2. anaira :3 Says:

    Linda, I dont think we umm do a party for thanksgiving. we didnt last year!

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