Boxy Challenge and More!

Posted By the Fantage blog:

Attention all Fantagians! We have some cool events coming up on Friday, the best day of the week! First, we are holding a special event, a test of mental skill, for all of you gamers out there. From Friday through Sunday, play Boxy and earn DOUBLE the Stars! That means 2x the Stars in only half the time! You can find Boxy perched atop Mt. Fantage. For the more skilled Boxy players, we have a special challenge for you—score in the Top Ten and win a rare sticker to show off!

The contest will last until Sunday and the prize will be awarded on Monday.

Wait, there’s more news! On Friday, we will also be adding a personal guide that will appear whenever you log in to Fantage. You can access it after you start playing as well by clicking the “Guide” button. Starting tomorrow, look for these characters whenever you hop on Fantage—they will be there to help you out with special events, announcements, prizes, and more!