Please Stop

memeHello everyone!

These past few weeks I’ve been going to some of FantageTheBest viewers blogs and they have the SAME theme as me.

Not to be mean but there has been WAY to many people using the theme RIGHT AFTER I used it.

When the first few people used it I was like “Nahh…I don’t care”

But now everyone that is making a WORDPRESS blog is using the same theme and if you read the copyright thingy it list some of the stuff you shouldn’t copy and “Theme” is on there.

I’m really getting mad because I’m a person where I HATE people who copy me and in school when like we do projects and people copy me … I get real MAD and I don’t want to do that HERE so please if you don’t mind please change the theme to something eles. And since we’re on the topic of coping, don’t copy ANYTHING on this blog. I will be checking on the copyscape’s website to see if anyone copied me every 2 days a week. So please don’t.