mememeHello Everyone!

I have TWO big news for EVERYONE.

First of  the post I made before I just wanted to tell everyone HOW I FELT and I think people are getting mad at me for that post… I wasn’t trying to mak anyone mad I was just saying HOW I FELT about it so IF YOU ARE MAD  AT ME I amd really sorry and I hope you come here…Lol

Second news is for the mods/owners of the chat. Please if you read the rules on the bottom of the chat it says to REGISTER TO BECOME A MEMBER and someone has been making people a member when they did NOT register. If you don’t know how to know if people are registered please look at the picture.

Picture=registered  Picture=NOT registered

If you see the people that ARE registered has a star by their name and the people that didn’t register don’t have the star.