New! Bricks Breaking Event

Posted By the Fantage Blog:

Hello all! This weekend, we are having a game event like no other! We know you love to play Bricks Breaking because it is an awesome game, but now we’re giving you two NEW reasons to play! Not only did we give the game a snazzy new makeover, but this weekend, when you play Bricks Breaking, receive DOUBLE the Stars! Two times the stars means two times the fun! You can use that extra bundle of Stars you earn to buy some of the new items that were just released—or save for upcoming items!


Stop by the Arcade this weekend to revel in all the excitement!

3 Responses to “New! Bricks Breaking Event”

  1. LINdA Says:

    im rlly not startin to like the new fantage the old one was better….. i mean this looks cool but i miss the old fantage 😥

  2. Zokker Says:

    weird I don’t like this “NEW” Fantage ethier! I mean its OK but I still LOVE the OLD fantage version better…Thats what I THINK…:)

  3. LINdA Says:

    wait jhn? soo were not gna have the picture on the 21st? cuz u said u wouldnt b on for a while 😥

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