Heads Up!

Hello Everyone!

Just to let you know a lot fo famous Fantagians now go to White Seal on Fantage. Why am I telling you this? Well because I’m buddies with a LOT of famous Fantagians and they all go on White Seal. So if you are trying to be friends with any famous Fantagian. . . go to White Seal and I bet you’ll find at least ONE famouse Fantagian there.

I have a question for all:

Did Boogiermon quite Fantage or did he get banned?

There is a rummor going on between if he got banned or quited but I don’t know which so PLEASE COMMENT and tell me.

New Years Party!

Posted By Fantage Blog:

Hello Fantagians! We hope you are getting ready to have some serious New Year’s fun! The party will start tomorrow (Dec. 31st) and will end on Sunday (Jan. 3rd). For those of you who guessed that the “contraption” is a ball for New Year’s…you would be absolutely correct! To make the ball drop, all you have to do is click on it and watch as it rings in the year 2010!

We also have some fun comic riddles for you to solve! All you will have to do is read the comics…but you will notice that some of the talk bubbles have been left blank! Oh no! It is up to you to fill them in with the correct answers! Do you think you are up to the challenge? Guess them all correct and receive a special prize!

Also—don’t forget to watch for the fireworks!



The new 2010 glasses are now available!!!!!!!!

The gem combination is 1 blue and 2 reds!

I want to say thank to xshiningstarx for giving me the gem combo and for tellin me about it!


Happy New year

Hello Everyone!

Mindy told me that she picked a new question so go cheek the page out!


Happy New Year!

New Years Party~!

Posted By Fantage Blog:


Get ready to ring in the year 2010 at our upcoming New Year’s extravaganza! The party will last from Dec. 31st until Jan. 3rd….that is 4 days of CRAZY New Years fun! The party will feature tons of games, surprises, and free gifts! Your New Years party host this year will be our very own Static (you know, the cool guy from the IDFone Shop!)…and I hear he has quite a puzzle in store for you. The puzzle he has prepared for all of you prize-hungry Fantagians involves a bit of comic genius. Do you know what it might be?

And while we are on the subject…what do you think this contraption might be for?

More details will come soon so stay tuned!

Remember to scroll down and look at the party info for the 16,000 hits party!


Party time

Hello Everyone!

I know you have read the post bellow but please read it again because I have changed the DAY.

                       READ it NOW~! lol

Party TIME!

Hello Everyone!

As you know we have reached 16,000 so like I promised we are having a party!


When: 1/2/10 at 4:00 Central Time , 5:00 Eastern Time

Where: Purple Panda, Beach

Who: Every FantageTheBest viewer

Why: We reached 16,000!

Make sure to be on the chat while the party because we’ll be moving alround and having fun!

I hope that everyone can come. I don’t want it to be like last year’s party…  no one came expect Anaira and Linda. They both had to go when the party wasn’t even half over. =[ PLEASE PLEASE come!




We made it to 16,00!!!!!!!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! OMG! OMG! Yeah! Congratz EVERYONE!

Thank you everyone for ALL your support!

We made it to 16,000 in the month of DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!!! OMG OMG! YEAH! Thanks everyone for helpig out!~ 😀

😀 😀 

😀 😀 

😀 😀 

😀 😀 

😀 😀 

😀 😀 

😀 😀

New Medal Is Out!.. and congrats!

Ok so the new 2009 holiday party medal is out NOW. Log into fantage and you will see you leveled up because of the medal! Hope you all had a good time at the party!!!!

Also i wanted to say CONGRATS and thank you all of you guys because we reached our goal! We got 16,000 hits and even before december would end! Jhn is gonna be soo happy and she might have the party soon! Keep it up fantagethebest viewers!



 Hello Everyone! I wanted to Cogratz  Wiiplay123 because she is FEATURED member of the MONTH!! How awesome AND she is my BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF in real life! Congrats Wii! If you see her on Fantage CONGRATZ  HER!