Long Post!~ Lol

Posted By the Fantage Blog:   (Make sure to read the post that I wrote at the END)

camera_flash6Hello Fantagians! Starting Friday, Dec. 4th, reporters will be able to take photos and store them in albums! With this new feature, you can capture all of your fun Fantage memories and showcase them for all of your friends to see. You’ll even be able to leave comments on your friends’ photos as well! To add photos to your album, click the “Reporter” icon on  the top left of your screen. Then, choose “Add to Album” after taking a snapshot. Afterward, go to your room to view your album. It’s that simple!


Also Friday, check out the new edition of the Comet! Make sure you read this one because it will feature a larger reporting section that will highlight the 8 best photos from our reporters! Also, do you think you wrote the best Fantage Holiday Story? Well, if you did, make sure to read this issue because it will announce the winners of the Writer’s Den! Also, check out the results from our last Fan Art and Comic contests. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Hello everyone! It’s starting to get a little bit colder around Fantage lately—which means winter is just around the corner! This Friday, watch as Fantage turns into a snowy winter wonderland of fun! This new background is splashed with Holiday decorations and cheerful ornaments. But, make sure you remember to bundle up. You should head over to Le Shop to buy some of the winter items that were released not too long ago to make sure your inventory is stocked with coats, scarves, and hats!

Here is a sneak peak of the new wintery landscape:



Hellooooo all Fantagians! It’s me, Static, reporting to let you know that a new shipment of IDFone accessories is arriving on Thursday! This new release is stocked with cool new stickers, sticker sets, and IDFone skins. Here are some of the new IDFone accessories that you can use to perk up your fone.

First up, stickers! These holiday stickers are sure to bring a smile to your face. 😉


New sticker sets! You can give a snowman family to a friend or a bunch of happy bunnies.


New IDFone skins and sticker pages to jazz up your fone! Wow!


editorschoicemedal2Attention all Comet & Co. Reporters! We have TWO new medals to tell you about. First, we wanted to do something special for our reporters who go above and beyond the call of duty and stick to the themes! From now on, any reporter whose work is featured in the Comet will receive this Editor’s Choice Medal to show off on their IDPhone!

This medal is one of the highest honors a reporter can acheive—so be sure to try your best to win! Each week, we will feature 8 reports in the Comet that we think showcase the most talent and originaity. If you think you have what it takes, then start reporting to earn this one-of-a-kind medal.

We are also introducing the brand new Press Room Medal for all of our premium member reporters! This medal will level up with the number of reports your complete. To reach the first level, submit at least 15 reports. Then keep on reporting…who knows, you might just be the next Press Room Legend!

Check out the first two levels…more are yet to come!


Posted By FantageTheBest:

Hello Everyone!~

As you know I haven’t been on for AWHILE!!! Lol And that’s because I was moving AND my mom….

But I would like to say Thanks to Linda and Alyssias for coming on this blog and telling people to come on while wasn’t on. Thanks you guys! You ROCK!

The FantageTheBest Halloween poster was cancelled because I had to pack and etc. So I will replan a time and date and take the picture to become a POSTER!

Third I would like to say that I missed EVERYONE!!!!! And EVERYONE! Lol But anyways I would like to RAISE the hits up REAL fast and that’s my goal for the MONTH! It might be hard but I’m going to think of new ideas to grab you guys to come on this blog like 24/7! My goal is to reach 1600 in the month of December. It might be hard but I know FantageTheBest Viewers can do it and i’ll try too!

Lastly I WILL have a Holiday Party for the FantageTheBest Viewers and the members for The Fantage Commuinty. The FantageTheBest Viewers will be for EVERYONE and the other party will be only for the Fantage Commuinty members. The parties WILL be on DIFFERENT dates.


6 Responses to “Long Post!~ Lol”

  1. LINdA Says:

    ok first! thanxies jhn! and we all MWISSED YOU! it might be hard to move cuz of all the new ppl so yea… but congrats of ur mom my mom got better too! 😀 oh and i saw that this is ur year-aversary (december) in fantage so HAPPY YEAR-AVERSARY! But still we missed u A LOT and well WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. LINdA Says:

    aawww and you know what sux…. you missed out on the turkey day celebration… you know… in fantage… and well you missed lottsa things…. 😦 well not much but…

    • jhn119 Says:

      That sucks
      I missed my FIRST Thanksgiving on Fantage =[

      • LINdA Says:

        well there was this REALLY creepy stalking turkey that followed you around in fantage… ugh! it was CREEPY! i kept screaming and ppl started to stare! (in fantage) 😛 aahhh memories…..\m/>.<\m/ hehe

  3. cupcake52198 Says:

    aaww november 18- december 3 was when ftb as litterally dying and was boringg…. wwaaaaa memories 😥

  4. ·•●☺♥ցჩմց♥☻·•● Says:

    i told ppl to come too. u giv me no cwedit )::: LolS! I just moved to jhn and like some annoying kids liv near me but Me BeSt FrIeNd LiVeS nEaR mEeEeE!!!Haha

    ALLSOOO Its almost pops birthday then like 11 days later its my bday! OoH yeah.. im like beggin for a cell phone from my mom (: ik im probabley not gonna get one thoo xDD ima tell u guys what i get

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