Pictures for the Holidays

Hello Everyone!

I have some new picture I made and I want to know what you like the best!

1                                                    2                                                                 3

Time to VOTE!


Hello Everyone!~

The theme color CHANGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it’s a “OMG!!!” Lol

But I changed it because I made my blog SNOW!! and when I had ORANGE it didn’t really show up how I changed it to Blue! But I will change it back to ORANGE when the snow goes alway! lol!!

That’s all I ahve to say for now so BYE! Wait nevermind I have something elese to tell you! The post before this has REALLY important info about why I wasn’t on for awhile so READ it. And it’s at the BOTTOM of the post! NOw for real BYE!!!~