Hello Everyone!~

The theme color CHANGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it’s a “OMG!!!” Lol

But I changed it because I made my blog SNOW!! and when I had ORANGE it didn’t really show up how I changed it to Blue! But I will change it back to ORANGE when the snow goes alway! lol!!

That’s all I ahve to say for now so BYE! Wait nevermind I have something elese to tell you! The post before this has REALLY important info about why I wasn’t on for awhile so READ it. And it’s at the BOTTOM of the post! NOw for real BYE!!!~

5 Responses to “Color!”

  1. Ambry (AnimeGirl4Ever) Says:

    how the heck do u change it like that plz tell me!!

  2. LINdA Says:

    lol! where do you come up wit these ideas? AWESOMECOLOR! FOR THE THEME! and cuz i like blue! :p

  3. LINDuRRZZ Says:

    whoa! ive been to lottsa blogs right now and they have the SAME snow thingy (but not the theme) Sameer and Canada have it… Frosty does too and well more pplz do too

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