New Reporter Themes!

Posted by the Fantage Blog:


Attention Reporters! You did a great job on your last assignment—so good that we want you to get the scoop on more topics! New themes are now up over at the Comet & Co. newsroom. But, in case you can’t take the excitement any longer, we can fill you in right here!

All reporters, your next assignments are:

1. A big party at the Forest

2. An all-green fashion show

3. Lots of people under the Christmas tree

4. People hanging out with the Snowman

Also, congratulations to all the winning reporters who were featured in this week’s Comet! You did a great job!

Posted by FantageTheBest:

Hello Everyone!~

I want to remind you that I would LOVE to get 1,600 hit WITHIN the month. It could be the gift you give me for the holidays…lol And if FantageTheBest does REACH 1600 within the month I will do something REALLY special! And it will be a surprise! 😀

2 Responses to “New Reporter Themes!”

  1. LINDuRRZZ Says:

    OMG! if you want all those hits i will TRY to give ’em to u……. 😀

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