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Hello Everyone!

This is really off topic (Fantage) but I wanted to show you guys some of my favorite/funny songs.


New Medals!

Posted by the Fantage Blog:

Hello everyone! We want to let you know that we’ve updated our Invite a Friend medal to fit the winter season! To receive this festive snowflake medal, click on the “Invite a Friend” icon after you login to Fantage. You can find this link next to the “My Home” button. If you invite TWO of your friends to join Fantage and they play in the world for one hour, you will receive this medal! As an added bonus, you’ll have even more friends to chat with on Fantage!

We’ve also finished crafting the last two levels of the new Press Room Medal! Now you’ll be able to become a Press Room Superstar or a Press Room Legend! You can earn these medals by being a Premium Member reporter who submits a high number of reports. The more reports you submit, the higher your level will become!

Take a look at the new medals!

We also want you to keep your Holiday Party suggestions coming! We really appreciate your awesome ideas!