Holiday Party Surprise…

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Hello Everyone! Our spectacular 2009 Holiday Party is almost here! The party will be held from the 22nd through the 27th of December. However, this year we have an extra special surprise that has never been done until now…a certain visitor from a far away land is coming to Fantage…and he will be in our world ONLY during this super special holiday extravaganza! We also heard from a secret source that this visitor has big surprises for everyone on Fantage. Who is this person? And what are they doing here?

Here is a hint….he lives in a small cabin perched atop Mt. Fantage…

Can you guess who the visitor might be? Leave your guesses in the comments section!

Coming Up This Week!

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Howdy Fantagians! We have tons of exciting updates to tell you about! Let me fill you in on what is happening this week.

First off, we hope you enjoyed our Super Duper Ski Sale over the weekend! Did you like being able to buy cool new items for half price? Let us know and we might put more items on sale! :: wink wink ::

Coming up on Thursday, we are releasing NEW Costume and Furniture items! Head on over to Jester’s to pick up new costumes for your holiday costume parties as well as your fashion show domination over at Models, Inc. Then, start decorating your home for the season! Create a festive home with holiday furniture from Ottoman’s…especially now that you can buy more than one of each item!

Check out some of the new holiday costumes!

On Friday, we are releasing something NEW to make your gaming experience on Fantage even more rewarding! Now, I’m not able to give away the entire surprise quite yet…but maybe this picture will help you out a little bit.

Can you guess what this thing might be used for?

You can leave your guesses in the comments section!

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Hello Everyone!

I would like to remind you that I am REALLY looking forward to have 1,600 before January and if the 1,600 is before January and maybe the Holidays(Christmas, Eid and Kwanzaa) I would love to throw a Holiday Party for the FantageTheBest viewers!~