Today: New Costumes and Furniture!

Posted by the Fantage blog:

Ho Ho Ho! Today, we are releasing NEW Costumes and Furniture! Head on over to Jester’s and Ottoman’s to start shopping for your holiday parties! With these new costumes, you can prance around merrily as a yummy Gingerbread Cookie or Holiday Ornament. All of the new furniture items are jam packed with holiday spirit as well! Have fun decorating your room with items such as a Christmas Tree or Santa’s Sleigh…but don’t forget the garland!

Dress up as your favorite holiday characters!

Go visit Orion at Wizard’s Domain to grab this rare item!

Decorate your room for the holidays with these new furniture items!

We also have NEW Double Star coupons being released Friday! Buy a coupon for 5 Stars, then click on a game to redeem it. Play a game and win 2x the game Stars! Coupons can be used on games in the Arcade, Star Cafe, and also for Go Cart.

New member~

Hello Everyone!~

As you know Zokker saidthat she would quite Fantage. She did. =[ BUT on the good side you made one of her cousins join fantage. His name is Jakc123. He just joined Fantage so if you see him onthe chat (on Zokker’s name) say HI and helpl him get use too Fantag.

That picture is Jakc123 and Zokker took the picture for him.

I don’t know how he got the BULE BOARD when he just started and he won’t tell me.

I know I’m repeating this but make sure HI to Jakc andwelcome him to Fantage and the blog. One more thing he’ll be on Zokker’s Chat thingy becuse he doesn’t have a computer at his home so he goes over to Zokker’s house.

New mission will be up soon. I need some ideas too so write comments tell me what missions i should do. =]