Hello everyone! This is not Jhn this time.. its me Linda! Im the new co-owner for fantagethebest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my first time working with someone on a blog so if i make a mistake please just tell me……. thats pretty much it you know (i dont want to make this long ok)…… so if you have anything to ask me or if you want to know more about me or whatever…..comment or tell me in the chat where I mostly am at…. and one more thing… my fantage username is cupcake52198.. but i dont like being called cupcake52198…. i prefer Linda 😀

<—— ALL credit goes to jhn for the picture. GO JHN!!!!!!!!!!

Heads up!

Hello Everyone!

This post is VERY important!

There is now a co-owner of Fantage The Best and it is Linda!!!

Congrats to her!!!

#1 Fantagian will get harder because both ME and LINDA has to agree on who the person is.

One more important news is that I reset the chat (finally) and new people can become mods/owners. If you were a mod/owner before like Amandi you can still be a owner or a mod. Amandi has been on the chat a lot so Amandi will still be a owner. =] So if you are Amandi and reading this come to the chat so I can make you a owner again. If you were a mod and a owner before and want to still be one please ask ME or Linda. =]

PS: There will be moving pictures of Linda that I will make for her! =]