Heads up!

Hello Everyone!

This post is VERY important!

There is now a co-owner of Fantage The Best and it is Linda!!!

Congrats to her!!!

#1 Fantagian will get harder because both ME and LINDA has to agree on who the person is.

One more important news is that I reset the chat (finally) and new people can become mods/owners. If you were a mod/owner before like Amandi you can still be a owner or a mod. Amandi has been on the chat a lot so Amandi will still be a owner. =] So if you are Amandi and reading this come to the chat so I can make you a owner again. If you were a mod and a owner before and want to still be one please ask ME or Linda. =]

PS: There will be moving pictures of Linda that I will make for her! =]

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