2009 Holiday Party!!!!

(UPDATE: read the bottom ;D)

Posted By the Fantage Blog:

Our 2009 Holiday Party will be non-stop merriment from Dec. 22nd through the 27th! We have loads of fun activities, games, and events in store! Not only will you receive FREE gifts each day of the party, but we also have a HUGE surprise! We just heard that a special someone (as well as a few of his holiday co-horts) will be available for picture-taking over at his Cottage on Mt. Fantage! Each day of the party, visit his Cottage to take pictures, play games, and receive prizes!

On a side note…what would a Gingerbread House be doing over at the Forest?! Can you guess what it might be for?

And don’t forget—log in each day of the party and receive an AWESOME Holiday Party medal!

~Linda :3~

UPDATE!: ok so the party will start tommorow (december 22, 2009) and the gingerbread house is NOW OPEN!….. its like the punpkin game that came out on halloween and the cornopia game (or w/e i dont know how to spell it) that came out on thanksg… and im not sure about santas house.. havent seen it yet… D: