That’s Some Reindeer!…

(read bottom for answers from the riddles ;))

Posted by the Fantage Blog:

Our 2009 Holiday Party is now in full swing! Today, head on over to Santa’s cabin to be tested on your Holiday trivia skills! Do you think you can outsmart the most clever Reindeer of the North Pole? I heard he has some pretty tricky questions up his sleeve…but if you can best this Reindeer at his own game, you will receive a special prize!

After you win, you will get a wonderful prize!

And remember to log in EACH day to get a shiny new medal to add to your ID Fone! 😀


ANSWERS: ha! we’ll show that reindeer who’s boss!

Q: Where is santa’s workshop?

A: North Pole

Q: What will bring a snowman to life?

A: A magical top hat

Q: What is Scrooge’s first name?

A: Ebenezer

Q: Which shruberry asks for people to kiss?

A: Mistletoe

Q: Which isn’t a reindeer?

A: Mixen

Q: What color is the Grinch?

A: Green

Q: What is the most popular tree topper?

A: A star

Q: Who helps santa wrap presents?

A: Elves

Q: What color are the berries on the Mistletoe?

A: White

Q: Where are the stockings hung from?

A: The Fireplace

The answers/questions are all in order 😉

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