3rd Day of Holiday Party!

Posted By Fantage Blog:

Merry Christmas Eve! We hope you are enjoying our spectacular 2009 Holiday Party. Today, we have a game for you that will test your matching skills! The Fantage Gingerbread Man needs your help. Can you help him match his gingerbread buddies with the correct Fantage character that they look like? But, be careful, it’s not as easy as it sounds…some of these Gingerbreads are sly. If you can match all of the gingerbread cookies with their other halves, you will win a cool prize!


Then you’ll be able to get one of these fabulous prizes!

Peppermint board (Non- Members and Members)

Santa’s Sleigh (Members Only)

Happy Christmas Eve guys! (and girls)… Hope you all have a great time with your family tonight.. and tommorow get up REALLY early and attack those presents you got under your tree!!!


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