Looks Like Santa Came…

Posted By the Fantage Blog:

Hello Fantagians! We know you already met the big guy himself over at his Cottage yesterday…but it wouldn’t really be Christmas unless Santa Claus left a gift for you! Go to Santa’s Cottage now to pick up a special toy that he left to everyone on Fantage! This surprise will add a special holiday cheer to your room. It will also remind you of how much fun you had at the 2009 Holiday Party!


Don’t forget—log into Fantage each day of the party (22nd-27th) and receive this awesome medal to show off on your IDFone!

Posted By the FantageTheBest:

Hello Everyone!!~

Thanks for writing comment’s about how your holiday was!~

<—- What I wanted to say was that I am looking for a twin that has the same outfit/hair/earings and board(as the moving picture). This DOES NOT involve the blog. I just want a twin.

If you become my twin we’ll take lots of pictures together and really work as a twin. If you want to be a twin and you’re a boy . . .  well sorry you can’t. I’m really looking for a girl so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you want to be my twin e-mail me at fantagethebest@gmail.com. (First come first SERVE).

New Mission!

Hello Everyone!
The NEW MISSION is out!!!! “Yeah!”


Great Holiday!

Hello Everyone!
It’s been a GREAT Christmas for me and my family! How about you? Comment and tell me the BEST part about your holiday.

On Fantage you should have logged on to Fantage EVERYDAY because once the Holiday Party is over, The Fantage people will send out medals to who logged on EVERYDAY! =]


5th Day of Holiday Party~!

Today, the 26th, head on over to Mt. Fantage and get a new prize! The prize is a santa doll to put in your room! It goes in your room automatically… Sadly this is a MEMBERS only item so nothing out for non-members today.. :(..And also remember if you hadn’t gotten one of these items,  get them NOW because tommorow’s the last day!!!!! After that everything will be gone! So get those items!