Great Holiday!

Hello Everyone!
It’s been a GREAT Christmas for me and my family! How about you? Comment and tell me the BEST part about your holiday.

On Fantage you should have logged on to Fantage EVERYDAY because once the Holiday Party is over, The Fantage people will send out medals to who logged on EVERYDAY! =]


4 Responses to “Great Holiday!”

  1. fantagebestfriends Says:

    My favorite part was playing with my lil’ brothers remote-control car 😛 Dont ask why…

  2. LINdA Says:

    my holiday was gr8! i got a new game for meh wii! and my uncle came and he’s SOOO much fun!!!!!

    • fantagebestfriends Says:

      OMG!! I got a 15 in 1 familey pack things for meh Wii!! Its like for the Shooting game in Wii Play you have a shooting gun! Tennis a racket!

  3. amandi05 Says:

    Mines was awesomeeeeeeeeeeee i got a new laptop wich im using right now and a new camera and a whole bunch of other things… but the most important thing and the best gift of all was that me and my family got to spend time together

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