Hello Everyone! I wanted to Cogratz  Wiiplay123 because she is FEATURED member of the MONTH!! How awesome AND she is my BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF in real life! Congrats Wii! If you see her on Fantage CONGRATZ  HER!

New Room!

Posted By The Fantage Blog:

Hey all! Santa usually likes to remain secretive…however he was feeling extra generous this year! Now you can turn your room into Santa’s Cottage for free! Pick up this cool room at the Cottage. But, remember, this special holiday room is only available to get today! By tomorrow, Santa will have gone back to the North Pole

Stop by the Cottage to pick up this infamous room today! Remember, if you choose to get it, your room will be changed. Have fun!

Sadly it’s for MEMBERS ONLY.. (obviously -_-)

REMINDER: If you hadn’t gotten ALL the items yet then get that jelly out of your ears and go to fantage RIGHT NOW and get those free items if you already don’t have ’em because today is the last day of the party and after that it’ll be all gone.