Party TIME!

Hello Everyone!

As you know we have reached 16,000 so like I promised we are having a party!


When: 1/2/10 at 4:00 Central Time , 5:00 Eastern Time

Where: Purple Panda, Beach

Who: Every FantageTheBest viewer

Why: We reached 16,000!

Make sure to be on the chat while the party because we’ll be moving alround and having fun!

I hope that everyone can come. I don’t want it to be like last year’s party…  no one came expect Anaira and Linda. They both had to go when the party wasn’t even half over. =[ PLEASE PLEASE come!




We made it to 16,00!!!!!!!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! OMG! OMG! Yeah! Congratz EVERYONE!

Thank you everyone for ALL your support!

We made it to 16,000 in the month of DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!!! OMG OMG! YEAH! Thanks everyone for helpig out!~ 😀

😀 😀 

😀 😀 

😀 😀 

😀 😀 

😀 😀 

😀 😀 

😀 😀

New Medal Is Out!.. and congrats!

Ok so the new 2009 holiday party medal is out NOW. Log into fantage and you will see you leveled up because of the medal! Hope you all had a good time at the party!!!!

Also i wanted to say CONGRATS and thank you all of you guys because we reached our goal! We got 16,000 hits and even before december would end! Jhn is gonna be soo happy and she might have the party soon! Keep it up fantagethebest viewers!