Party TIME!

Hello Everyone!

As you know we have reached 16,000 so like I promised we are having a party!


When: 1/2/10 at 4:00 Central Time , 5:00 Eastern Time

Where: Purple Panda, Beach

Who: Every FantageTheBest viewer

Why: We reached 16,000!

Make sure to be on the chat while the party because we’ll be moving alround and having fun!

I hope that everyone can come. I don’t want it to be like last year’s party…  no one came expect Anaira and Linda. They both had to go when the party wasn’t even half over. =[ PLEASE PLEASE come!


7 Responses to “Party TIME!”

  1. yoimizzy Says:

    oh no!
    that means 3:00 where I am
    I’m at school at that time
    and yes I start school on the 4th
    I might not be able to make it…

  2. LIndur LIndur Says:

    AAAAHHHHHH JHN! i cant make it 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 ima be in school cuz it gna b on a moday and in pacific time its 2 hours behind (2:00 p.m) 😦 😦 😦 hope you guys have fun at the party 🙂 i rlly wish i didnt have to start school on the 4th but well you know…

  3. amandi05 Says:

    omg i might no be able to make it eitherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i also start school on the 4th. Can u maybe change the date and do da party at some other day before da 4th? i rlly wish i could come but since i start scool dat day i will have a lot of homework. If i dont have homework dat day den ill come . Cuz im in one of those time zones im in the eastern time zone (5.00) and i get out of scool at 3.40 pm soooooo yea ill try to finish my homework early if i have any . But since most ppl cannot make it maybe u should change da date to some time earlier.
    (ik dis is a rlly long comment lol srry)

  4. Morabelle And Alyssias Says:

    Oh no…
    I don’t start school until 1/5/09…
    I hope i can come 🙂

  5. LIndur LIndur Says:

    oh-mi-gawd… thank you jhn! saturday’s my lazy day so ill be sure to come but if i dont i might get the times confused hehe but thank you for changing it! 😛

  6. amandi05 Says:

    gooodddd u changd da dateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee awesome
    ik ill mnake it…. no promises maybe ill be somewere dat day not sure sooo yea bye

  7. kala20 Says:

    im coming for sure well if i remember

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