Happy New year

Hello Everyone!

Mindy told me that she picked a new question so go cheek the page out!


Happy New Year!

New Years Party~!

Posted By Fantage Blog:


Get ready to ring in the year 2010 at our upcoming New Year’s extravaganza! The party will last from Dec. 31st until Jan. 3rd….that is 4 days of CRAZY New Years fun! The party will feature tons of games, surprises, and free gifts! Your New Years party host this year will be our very own Static (you know, the cool guy from the IDFone Shop!)…and I hear he has quite a puzzle in store for you. The puzzle he has prepared for all of you prize-hungry Fantagians involves a bit of comic genius. Do you know what it might be?

And while we are on the subject…what do you think this contraption might be for?

More details will come soon so stay tuned!

Remember to scroll down and look at the party info for the 16,000 hits party!


Party time

Hello Everyone!

I know you have read the post bellow but please read it again because I have changed the DAY.

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