New Posters!

Hello Everyone!

I was bored so I made new posters for ME and LINDA. I hope you don’t get mad… like last time. 😆

I made two but right now I can’t find it. I saved it in a weird folder and the folder disappeared. ❓ If I found it I will post it up and let everyone see! :mrgreen:

Umm. . .

Hello Everyone

I have been going to FantageTheBest viewers Blog and mostly everyone has a “Ask _____” Page.

I know you guys are going to think that I’m a loser for saying this but can you guys change it? I mean ok the THEME thing I agree with people. I didn’t create it so I don’t have the right to say STOP COPYING me but for the Ask____ Page, I DID ceate it and I don’t want EVERYONE to have it. Please PLEASE change it. Here are some ideas you can put instead of the Ask ____ Page.


  • A Comic Page
  • A Fantage Poem Page
  • An ART page (of Fantage, like PIXELS and etc.)
  • A Video Page
  • A Slideshow PAge
  • A Music Page
  • A ‘Advertise your blog’ Page

I hope you guys will change it to something here. I won’t say anythting if you use the ideas up there, I’ll just say THANK YOU.

Need People!!

Hello Everyone!

Mindy needs people to ask new questions! She has answered almost everyone of them so PLEASE comment on her page or e-mail her!

Also, I’m starting to look for MODS and Co-owners! I will be watching who comes on the chat the most. I’m looking for mods and co-owners so HEADS up!

Third, I need people to be doing some X-Tras or I might just delete it. Please enter! It’s EASY!!!!

Fourth, I’m looking for a new #1 Fantagian!! I need help chosing who! So come to this blog when ever you can so it’s easier for me! PLEASE 😀

I think that’s it so please do at least ONE of the things to help this Blog!


Hello Everyone!

As you know the Carnival Festival is coming tomorrow so Fantage is giving us a PREVIEW of what the costume and the board will look like.

 Love the Dragons!

I hope I see you all there starting from Friday to Sunday! I will take also take pictures when people are on the chat during the PARTY! 😀 :mrgreen: !!!

New Comet Out now!

Hello Everyone!

From now on you won’t have to wait until FRIDAY for the new comet to come out.  Now it will come out on Wednesdays! Cool huh? Now you don’t have to wait until the WHOLE week to be over. LOL

Remember you could be a winner! LOL :mrgreen:


Hello Everyone!

I have made a POSTER for FantageTheBest! :mrgreen: ! I hope you guys like it! =] 🙂 😀

I love my WORK! Comment if you like! =] 😛

Carnival Festival!

Hello Everyone!

This weekend ONLY there is going to be a Carnival Festival!!! This will start on Friday and end on Saturday. This Carnival Festival will let you get TRIPLE the stars when you play the one of the games in the Carnival! Fantage says” With that kind of Star power…you will be able to go on a serious shopping spree!” Lol Hey, there’s MORE! There will be TWO VERY special items alvialable for you to buy ONLY for the Carnival Festival. During the festival there will be a stand where you can get a Magician Costume as well as a Matching Board! But remember these items are only here during the Carnival Festival!!!!

Hope I see you ALL there!


Hello Everyone! When you go on the Chat Page you’ll here SONGS! I put a mixpod thingy on the page. I know how to put it in the WIDGETS column but I don’t know it i should. I would LOVE to know what you think so please comment if I should put it in the WIDGETS column AND what songs I should add. Thank you!~ :mrgreen: <—- Like the Green Man? LOL

In and Out!

Hello Everyone!

There is a NEW page!!! It’s a VERY FUN page! Click Here to go to the NEW PAGE!

That was IN.

The out is the #1 Party! I deleted that page because I didn’t have time to go on Fantage and look for a big party when I could be hanging out with my Buds. LOL

Hope you like the new page!


Short Post

Hello Everyone! Just wanted to show you my lasted art work!

Here it is: Hope you like it xD

Lol I’m wearing a Aéropostale Shrit! And on Fantage!!! Omg! Lol I just re-pixeled it. Xd Hope you LOVE it! Lol 😀

Make sure to read the bottom post!