Hello Everyone!

I’m here to tell you about a NEW game like Fantage but better. 🙂

It’s called WitchMe.com and you are a person with magic powers. It’s just like Fantage but there are no memberships because this is on a BETA trial so get your users now! Thanks to Linda (AHHH-MAAZING person! EVAA) I found this wonderful game. 🙂

If you see MrsBieber on WitchMe (WM) THATS ME! 🙂

There are no ‘Beta’ items like Fantage had but people say they are on there way so before all the beta stuff comes and goes better sign up and get your user now!

There are ECoins you can buy but if you join like during there beta trial you will get 1000 free ECoins 🙂 and you can also get freee eCoins by.. well you will see 🙂 JOIN NOW!

If you see me (MrsBieber) say hi and make sure to add me 🙂

closed my eyyes -.-

a LOT of famous Fantagians play this game. Sam, BOOGIE, CIVIC and Red_ninja (Sam is my buddie on WM)


18 Responses to “WitchMe”

  1. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    Hmmm…do I have to play that?? O.O

    • nickimanjifan! Says:

      Do u have to buy the wings or is it free?

      • dogs07rule Says:

        U have to buy them.. 500 marbles i think…

  2. nickimanjifan! Says:

    I’m on that svr!And I think Witch me is a little better when yhu get the hang of learning how to buy things and stuff!

  3. amandaangel11 Says:

    Hehe Im playing on it too! My name is Nierouz 🙂

  4. L i n d a ☮ Says:

    -cupcake52198 bee the name on witchme.. but i won’t bee playing ‘cuz i tried it for 3 minutes and i didn’t like it.. rofl

  5. L i n d a ☮ Says:

    “Thanks to Linda (AHHH-MAAZING person! EVAA) I found this wonderful game. :)”

    Wait a minute?! How did I help you find this game? O___O unless there’s another person named linda who’s almost as awesome as me..

  6. amandaangel11 Says:

    Mmm I love this game but there is some people who telly tails srsly there this girl named mariam post a picture of me on facebook cussing at this girl its true cuz this girl keeps stalking me and trys to hack me so I cussed at her then mariam took a pic and post it on facebook 😦 I hate this girl!

  7. taptap489 Says:

    Witchme is awesome!!!!!!! Btw my name is taptap489

  8. Cammy WitchMe Says:


    • XxgreenxX Says:

      cammy? o_o HAII ;O

  9. trin2cool Says:

    haii just to tell you i am you are my beb but got banned 4eva

  10. trin2cool Says:

    haii meet me on fantage im trin2cool 🙂

  11. crystal Says:

    Lol! I luv it! Its way better than fantage bcuz its fair and lets u buy anything. (unlike fantage, that’s always making ugly stuff for nons which btw isnt fair) oh btw my username on fantage and witchme is kvang65

    • dogs07rule Says:

      IKR!?! I hate how fantage makes nons so ugly on PURPOSE so they’ll buy premium membership!

  12. Amanda ^-^ Says:

    ummm, sameer1000 is a poser on witchme…. boogieramono doesnt play witchme, but civic princess does and red doesnt play anymore.

  13. dogs07rule Says:

    kool! I usually go on Moonlight, but whenever I need extra marbles and i’m too lazy to play games, I go on Witch Pot, because nobody ever goes on and there are presents lying around everywhere! U should try it..
    Add me on fantage Dogs07Rule. On WitchMe I’m iwuvmuffins or Joyful.

  14. shouq Says:

    HEY lol am playing it! woooot since 2010 till 2012.. am shouq,,, if u see me tell meh!

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