Last Few (or A LOT) Words

Hey Everyone!

I am officially going to stop posting on this blog. I’ve already made tons of posts saying this would be my last but THIS post is the last legit one. Just the thought of leaving my blog with the bottom post made me want to post one last official goodbye post. And here goes my journey that I’ve shared with you all.

My journey starts with a girl meeting a game named Fantage in 5th grade by the help of her friend, Sofi. That girl is me. As a lot of you know, Sofi told me about Fantage and got my hooked on it. In the beginning, I honestly did not like Fantage. It was boring, confusing and just too damn hard. Sofi did not give up. She kept telling to me to keep playing because she said it would get better. And if it wasn’t for that nag about Fantage, I honestly don’t know how my childhood would have been like. Days went on and I got hooked on Fantage. It was everything. Then one day, I went to the blog, FantageRainbow and discovered that there were people who made blogs about Fantage. I wanted to do the same. So I went on and created a blog. Now, My new blog became my diary, it became my virtual best friend… basically it became a big part of me. I loved it. Through the blog, I made so many great friends. SO MANY. My friendships online were better than my friendships in school. My writing skills grew and improved as I continued to blog about Fantage and sometimes about my daily life. This blog grew more and more with new posts, new fans, new pages and new ideas. As this blog got to its PEAK, I realized I had to let something go and that was Fantage. I realized that Fantage was not my biggest hobby nor my favorite activity to do. I did not enjoy it anymore. I decided to quit Fantage but continue blogging. Months passed and gradually my time for blogging decreased. I ran out of time to check on the blog or to make a short post. I had gotten more things to do as I got older and I realized that managing a blog and keeping good grades would be hard and I had to let one go. I choose blogging. Blogging had to go because school was my top priority. I said goodbyes on the blog but came back a few times. And now we are HERE, at this exact moment in time where I am currently writing one of my most thoughtful posts. Thinking of  leaving is something I can’t express how hard it is to say. FantageTheBest has taught me so many things about life. From friendships, life, drama, family and most importantly something great about myself. I have gotten to learn more about myself through the blog and I will cherish it forever. I am being self-centered right now to only talk about what I’ve learned and what I’ve done. If it wasn’t for my viewers, this blog would have gone no where and I would have quit years back. If it wasn’t for this blog to hit a maximum of 150+ hits each day, I would not be able to be here. Thank for over 100,000+ hits. It really means a LOT. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

On my Hmm… post, I read the most thoughtful comment ever. It was from Dj_Sammy.

“Thank you for all the great memories near the end of my elementary years, and the beginning of my middle school years. I loved reading this blog and chatting with all of you guys, and was the first thing I always did when I got home from school. “Check FTB blog”, “Check FTB blog”, “Check FTB blog”. Over time, it was so exciting to see how much not only the blog grow–but we as people too. This was actually the first time I came to check on here for a long while, and it made me a bit sad that the place that I grew up as person in is finally coming to a close. For a long part of my life, I was always the shy kid in the back of the class. But that changed when I was introduced to Fantage and met all of you–people my own age with the same interests. I began to become more outgoing, social, and open. A character trait that I developed here and shared with all you. I soon developed a keen interest in pixel spriting, and which later blossomed into art itself, which I am still practicing to this day. So I wanted to thank you all for giving me an opportunity to actually show people who I really am, the person that is here typing this today, and would not be the same person without this blog. FTB will always hold a special place in my heart, as for the rest of you. I will also be entering 9th grade this fall like the majority of you, the start of high school. The start of another chapter in my life. Although this chapter here will be coming to a close. As quoted from Sir Winston Churchill:

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Through all the drama and disappoint, all the laughter and joy, we shared them all. And shared them we will, right to the end. Although I did a bit of guilt with leaving FTB without much of a word, I apologize for that, and still am feeling a bit bad. But yes, sorry for such a long paragraph etc, but Fantage the Best blog means a lot to me, and can be expressed in so much more than a measly paragraph. As parting words, I wish all of you good luck in life though! Try your hardest at everything you do, especially in high school. Where your actions will determine where you will lead yourself to for the rest of your life. Do volunteer work, after school clubs, complete all your homework, never procrastinate, and work towards scholarships. Take charge of your own life because you are the one LIVING it. Do your best and don’t lose hope!
My contact information is, e-mail me if you want to add me on Facebook, I’d be happy to add you or just to contact me in general.

“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting”
-Peter Pan

I hope we all keep in touch! Don’t be afraid to drop me an e-mail or anything. I love all of you guys, and mean so much to me. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve all done.

With love, Sammy~”

Thank you Sammy for that comment. It honestly made my whole day just being able to think that this blog helped you learn who you were. I hope this blog helped many kids to learn who they are as it did to me and Sammy. Now, as we continue a new chapter of our lives, we will both have a place for FTB in our hearts. Forever and ever. 

Thank you everyone who has ever visited this blog. Even if it was to write a hateful comment or to hack us, thank you.

Cheers to a new chapter in my life and hopefully to a new chapter in all FTB fans life! Love you all! Thank you! I hope to meet one of you guys in real life! It would be amazing!

Please KIK me! @Jhn119! Would LOVE to talk to you guys!


Till the day we meet…





2 Responses to “Last Few (or A LOT) Words”

  1. BuTtErFly2909 Says:

    Wow!! How long was the last time I had visited this blog?!
    Well I am sure going to miss you Jhn119 & Gbug99 & Knight20 & all those other cool fantagians whose names I dont remember.
    This blog will always stay in my heart.
    I will be sure to kik you. ❤
    With love,

  2. Jada Says:


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