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Hello Everyone! This is Jhn119! I created this blog to connect with fellow Fantagians when I was in elementary school. I am currently in high school (as of 2015) and do not play anymore. I visit this blog once in awhile to relive my childhood. I would just like to thank Fantage for giving me an opportunity to make new friends across the States and also for allowing me to create this blog. Without it, I definitely believe that my life would have been totally different. I miss everyone from Fantage. I truly hope that one day I will be able to meet some of you in person. It’s not goodbye, it’s see ya later.

PS: Once I have decided on what college to attend, I will be back to update you all (but that won’t be until 2016). Until then, see ya.

Hi I’m Gbug99 and I’m a Co-Owner for this blog. I joined fantage when my brother showed it to me about 10 months ago (as of October 2010), on January 22, 2010. Ever since then I’ve loved Fantage. Now I’ll tell you a little bit more about me. So my favorite colors are lime green and light blue! My favorite sports are soccer, swimming, or if you consider jumproping a sport, then..yeah. You can expect randomness from me so be warned! My level on fantage is KiNdA high its 182..My favorite games on fantage are BuzzerBeater, Fishfish, and Boxy. My favorite songs are California Gurls, You belong with me, Dynomite, Best friend, Average Girl, and Make it shine. The servers I will always be in are Silver Bunny, Saphire Swan, or White Seal.

If you ever need to contact me, my email is gbug1999@gmail.com. Thanks for visiting our awesome blog!


Hello Everyone! I am a Admin on this blog! I joined Fantage in July 2009. Right now my level is 106, (as of 8/27/2011.) And the cool thing is, I’m not a member! My favorite game has to be Dance Fever or Galaxy Hero. When I’m not on Fantage, I’m usually doing origami or on Facebook. I also play some video games, mainly first person shooter games but, sometimes I play my pokemon games, so if you wanna battle or trade, I could. Also, this fall I’m going into 6th grade. I play some instruments like the violin, ukulele and a little guitar.  I’m also into some Asian anime like Totoro. I made some friends by working on this blog, I don’t now how long I’ve been working on this blog but I know it’s been more than a year. Well, I’ll start to post a lot more, even though school is going to start soon, so I hope you guys continue to check this blog often. Also be sure to comment, we usually comment back!

Hello I’m Mindy. Not really, I work on the Ask Mindy Page. I’m a helper of the blog. The moving picture isn’t really my user for Fantage. Jhn just made it so I have an account for Ask Mindy. :)

I have known Fantage for about a year. I haven’t quit and I don’t plan on quitting. I love Fantage so much but I want to be a MEMBER soo BAD! My real Fantage account is something you guys don’t need to know. I don’t want no stalkers following me. Rofl. 🙂 Don’t even ask who I am. 🙂 DON’T WANT ANY STALKERS!

If you have any questions to ask about Fantage then comment on the Ask Mindy Page.

55 Responses to “About Us”

  1. ·•●҉ღⓖⓑⓤⓖღ҉·•● Says:

    Wow.. linda how did you… WHAAAA!!! That was fast O.o

    • jennifer Says:


      gbug: umm, no offense but if you dont believe in moving pictures and saying theres no such thing then you should LOOK AT THEM! Theyre up there beside our info o.o if theyre still not moving then Click On The Pictures… then theyll move

  2. cupcake52198 Says:

    i cant say… but its easier than you think

  3. ⓙⓗⓝ119 Says:

    WOW thanks guys! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I cried when I saw the pages I just took off crying and my mom goes “Is there something wrong with the computer??” lol

  4. cupcake52198 Says:

    well actually i have the comments and i know what they say but it would be IMPOSSIBLE to put those back…. any IFLY!!! LMFAO (no homo) and yw… but just bcuz i helped doesnt mean im coming back 😀 i saw you were in need and decided to help…


  5. ⓙⓗⓝ119 Says:

    how did you even put the pages back like it was NEVER hacked???

    • cupcake52198 Says:

      thats classified…

      like i said on my other comment

      IDFC how much anyone begs… i cant tell anyone…

      i dont trust anyone, ANYONE rite now… not even you, main owner…. im sorry… in the future probably but not now…. sorry

      dont worry im not a hacker… i cant even hack my best friends myspace page without her telling me her passowrd LOL

  6. Butterfly2909 Says:

    Jhn, May I Please Please Work On The Blog? I Will Advertise Support It And Try To Post Alot. Please Please Please Can I Work Here? I Wont Hack. Please Please Please. I’ll Do Everything You Ask Me For. We Could Be Bffs. Please Let Me Work Here. I’ve Always Wanted To.

  7. ·•●҉ღⓖⓑⓤⓖღ҉·•● Says:

    O.o wow big fan…
    ANYWAY, lindah i cant believe how you got this page the same! Itz like u memorized it but ik u didnt cuz id think anyone would fit the exact writing and capitalization and Blah, BLah, Blahhh…

  8. Gbug99 (not logged in) Says:

    Hey jhn can you make me another moving picture for up there? choose the clothes you think would go best with the page.
    and btw im not using a color for the pass because some people will try like every color with my username untill they login as me so BLEEHHHHH TO YOU!!!!

  9. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    Gbug, I have a question for the site. Can I be part of the Chat Leaders page?? It sounds its fun and I always go to this site xDDDD. And another subject to the werid ppl who want to go on fantage japan, ITS DEAD SO STOP COMMENTING ABOUT FJ!! Okie thats my speech!! Lolz!

  10. cupcake52198 Says:

    girl i think u should delete this blogg… all ur posters dont post… most of them quit including you (main owner) lets face it fantage is dead… having a fantage blog is soo litterally last year… just saying…. miss ya jhn! good ol’ timesz little lady bug o_o

    • ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

      i post! and thanks for the new nikki. We’ll MAYBE delete it. Its up to jhn. I’ve been waiting for her to reply to my email.

      • cupcake52198 Says:

        oh haha… that comment waz for jhn… im sorry jhn stole ur nicky lady bug (gbuhg) i swear i have a lotta nickehs for youh

        -Bubble Bug
        -Lady Bug

        i forget teh rest >:0

        bAI! buggles


  11. Jayani Says:

    i dont think u should delete this blog. cuz this is helpful.

  12. ❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪cσσкιєℓυνєя2Ι♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤ Says:

    hi it me kitty58

    can i plzzzzzzz work here
    p.s. Merry Xmas!!

  13. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    Send in an email to me and I’ll check it. Then I’ll make sure its ok with jhn. my email is gbug1999@gmail.com

  14. sana9999 Says:

    um srry but how do u delete and acount?!

  15. cupcake52198 Says:

    JHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG BESTIE ILY!! ND I MIZZ YOU 😦 WELL I LAH YOU SO MUCH BESTIE (no homo o_o) well anway… i just rlly wanna wish u the best 13th birthday……. and i hope to hear from you when izz Mh birthday <333 thats *coughs*may 21*coughs* aww.. haha no one posted a birthday thing lol hao sad…

    Happy Birthday Jhn-ey ❤


    -1/19/11 :0

  16. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    OMG JHN? ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY?!!! OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Sorry for the birthday list, I forgot almost every birthday since I quit :O!!!) Happy birthday! All of your friends will bless you into heaven! So your 13 since linda said that. Hmmm when I first met you, I thought I didn’t like have been made because you were my bestie from all these days! I hope you have a cool 13 birthday for you! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Need a hug? Here ya go!! *hugz* Happy Birthday Jhn!

    • ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

      Oh my gosh!!! I just noticed like today when I was like in the car going to a market, I thought about your name (Jhn119) is like the numbers are like your bday! 1-19 (January 19th!) Oh my gosh I knew that in months but when I quit blog, I didn’t remember anything O.o! Sorry if I didn’t knew

      • Gbug99 (not logged in) Says:

        Ya, my numbers are like that 2!! ~9/09~ YUP! Sept. 9th!…
        Nah..My B-Day is Oct. 1st xD . 99 is teh year :3

  17. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    Can somebody change the mixpod to another song! My head hurts from the song from like 2-3 months!!! O_O!!!!

  18. Gbug99 (not logged in) Says:

    Jhn does that. I just mute my computer when I come to the blog xD

  19. smileyface46 Says:

    OMG!!! plzzzzzzz email me de link u used 2 create those movin pics ): anywayz, plzzzzzzzz vizit and comment on my blog:
    (No Advertising)
    i luv ur blog btw 😉

  20. L i n d a ☮ Says:

    if we reach 100,000 views by July 18, 2011 i’ll rejoin the blog and rejoin fantage… no lie….

  21. Gbug99 (not logged in) Says:

    Really? Oh, well, I guess that’s just too bad. We already have enough workers, and I’m getting sooo many emails saying, “CAN I WORK ON FTB?!!” Sooo Sorry. I wish you could co– Lol, JK! Of course you can work on teh blog again! 😀

  22. L i n d a ☮ Says:

    im pretty shur we wont even get to 68,000 by august XDD

  23. Privacyking Says:

    we have like 70,000+

    join join join join join

    gotta email jhn so u join

    u waz da bomb still is

  24. L i n d a ☮ Says:

    Aww guys guess what i found? An ANCIENT picture from the good old days… the original FTB community ❤


  25. L i n d a ☮ Says:

    OMG ROFLMAO! FTB is now 2 years old and 3 days :D… HAPPY [belated] BIRTHDAY!!!!! Ahaa wow like i predicted, this didn’t reach 100,000 hits by 7.18.11 XDD owells\: And no one posted anything.. not even an early birthdaypost.. rofl owells.


    -Ex owner, Lindy

  26. ılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılıƤσρƨтαяılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılı Says:

    I’m still up there x)

  27. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    Should Knight be there or not?? Because he works here…

  28. ¢øяи¢ακeΙ2ЭЧȣ Says:

    Umm…What happen to the pages?? On the twins pages theres like three pictures and the other pages keep saying “Page Not Found”. Is there something wrong with my computer or is it just me?

  29. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    It’s your computer. That happens to me sometimes, too. All it says is, “Page 404 Not Found”. Most of the time all you have to do is restart your computer and it’ll be fine.

  30. knight20onfantage Says:

    time to edit post…..

  31. ¢øяи¢ακeΙ2ЭЧȣ Says:

    Uhhh….I went to another page and still says “Page not found”

  32. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    Yeah..That happens to me a lot. Just have your parents check it out.

  33. tiffo2 Says:

    i wanna be apart of the co helpers

  34. BuTtErFlY2909 Says:

    OMFG!! I miss you guys!!
    I’m so sorry I havent been on here.
    How is everyone? Jhn? Gbug? Knight? Askmindy?
    Miss you guys!
    School & work is taking up my time on the computer.

  35. Shinji Says:

    jhn119 and askmindy can you email me???

  36. kesha Says:

    this is so confusing

  37. kesha Says:

    lol im so lik mad

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