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Hello! This is the “Ask Mindy” Column. Ask me any questions about Fantage and if I know the answer’s to them I will answer them on this page. I am not Gbug or Jhn. But I know them both. My name isn’t Mindy. But I am a girl. Jhn asked me to do this page for me so I said yes.

Types of questions you can ask are; Feelings about Fantage, Cheats, membership, friendship on Fantage and more. Just make it a topic about Fantage.  Every week I will pick a question that I can answer and that will help everyone. If you have a personal question you can e-mail the question and I’ll post it up without telling who sent it. If the question isn’t personal but you don’t want people to know you questioned… e-mail me at (NO CAPS) .


Question from: Popstar

Question:  Dear Mindy,
y do sum ppl tlk lyk dis -.-

 Answer:  When I chat with people on FaceBook/Twitter and they tlk lky tht… I say STFU. 🙂 you should try that. Hope that helped:)

54 Responses to “Ask Mindy™”

  1. SAMMY :] Says:

    OMG ❤ Favorite Question! 😀

  2. Aquapower Says:

    Perfect answer, for a perfect question

  3. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    The best ask mindy question EVER!!! LOL I might laugh.

  4. ·•●҉ღⓖⓑⓤⓖღ҉·•● Says:

    Lmao xD i wish i was mindy.. but im just a regular admin. and i dont even know who she is cuz jhn and linda wont tell me even though i work here -.-

  5. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    Wha–Why not?!

    • ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

      Jhn youre the only one whos on the blog who knows now. Im getting kinda mad cuz you wont tell me and im the co-owner of this blog. I wouldnt tell anybody anyway. ):
      And Im not trying to be a brat but I wanna know—–BAD >.<

  6. fantageblossoms Says:


  7. fillyphan Says:


  8. casade Says:

    how do u get stars fast and easy?

  9. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    Who are juu lol

  10. Butterfly2909 Says:

    what game is very fast for getting hairs and clothes

  11. pinkypug22 Says:

    What games should I play so I can get more stars (money)
    and are you a non mem?

  12. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    When was the new question updated?? Somebody should post that first of all -.- here is a note:

    Dear Mindy (Or some person who owns it),
    I have a question, is there any possible way to earn a lot of gems without doing so much work??

  13. glitters2335 Says:

    How to get free membership or ecoins???

  14. may7908 Says:

    If you get 3 points, can you ask for 2 moving pictures? or do you have to get 6 points to get 2 moving pictures? 🙂

  15. Becky Says:

    Hi! So today (June 2) I went on Fantage and there were only about 9 servers. Not 9 servers avalibale,but 9 servers generally. So I logged onto Fantage and everyone was like “Fantage is ending” or “Get off of Fantage! It’s ending!” Then all of a sudden, I got logged off and the computer said “connection to fantage coundn’t be found”or whatever. I tried to log in again, but i got the same message. I tried a few more times, but nothing changed. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

    • nickimanjifan! Says:

      That happened today (7/11/11) and I cant log on anymore and it’s rlly wired! And I can only log on one svr called purple panda and right when I log on it logs me off! :[

  16. Fan101 Says:

    How do you get fre ecoins? I want em but no 1 get em me.. 😦

  17. Pinkypu22 Says:

    How can I join this website and create blogs on this website!Please reply!Thank you!

  18. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    I can answer that. You can’t. Lol

  19. rose Says:

    how do i get free ecoins

  20. nottelling uall Says:

    the pet games give u alot of stars so does the water balloon a=game at the beach….

  21. witchmeandfantage Says:

    How can you get your blog many views and people who love to read your blog! How do you do moving pictures? Why do you like to work on Fantage the best blog??

  22. Butterfly2909 Says:

    Could you ever get a free membership?

  23. selena123444 Says:

    dear mindy
    me and my friend just fought. i wanna be friends again but she won t talk to me. we fought cause i didnt hang out with her this one day and that was because i had to stay home and celebrate my dads bday but she thought i was lieing and everythin so we fought. shes one of a kind of friend i really love her as a friend and wanna be friends agin but she wont answer my texts or talk to be. what should i do? i really need some advice and to mke things wrose she became friends with the person i hte the most just to make me jealous of her. plz help!!!

  24. witchmeandfantage Says:

    Dear Mindy,

    What can you do to make your blog better?

  25. selena123444 Says:

    thanks midny! i hope itz gona wrok! n 1 mor question

    dear mindy

    well my parents r divorced n everythin but they started talkin to eachother.. is this a good ting or bad?

  26. olivia935 Says:

    Dear Mindy,
    On Fantage I am a premium member and i was wondering when my membership expires do I get to keep my rare stuff and wear it?

  27. olivia935 Says:

    Dear Mindy,

    I don’t have much eCoins on fantage my mum and dad don’t let me buy it do you know any cheat I could use?

  28. hanna6809 Says:

    Can you give me cheats to Fantage? I know a lot but ya, can you still tell me?

  29. this is lauren aka popstar10181 :p Says:

    Dear Mindy,
    y do sum ppl tlk lyk dis -.-

  30. *~ 3v3 ~* Says:

    Dear Mindy,
    How do you add the ‘Password’ thing to a WordPress page? Like how did you add the ‘Password’ setting to your ‘Staff Chat (password protected)’ page? Please answer me ASAP because I don’t know.

  31. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    ^I can answer that (:
    You see at the side of your posting page where it says “Visibility: Public”? Well click edit and then click “Password protected”.
    Yw xD

  32. fruit99punch Says:

    hello mindy/whoever the owner is.
    im visiting your blog the first time.
    i too have a blog (its private , request access)
    i actually have an awards day where i chose some epic blogs.
    i guess your deserving to be nominated.
    do you want to join and you MIGHT win. coz u have a nice blog.

    please reply ASAP.


    ~ fruit99punch

  33. Chloe384 Says:

    Dear Mindy

    Ive heard that there is a cheat to level up. Also what server does Pinkstardust usually go on i want to re add her xD

  34. Soccer Star 38 Says:

    How do u get to Fantage europe?

  35. zendaya Says:

    dear mindy fantage at some points is really slow how can i fix this i can almost never do anything

  36. ??? Says:

    Okay my two little sister and brother ask if I could find them a membership maker with ecoins or whatever. Is there a membership hack/cheat for Fantage? That works, the ones people say that work you need to do a survey. No survey sites like free-fantage or SwagBucks. Like a link on mediafire or hotfile. I hope you can help me with my problem.
    Thanks ^.^

    Have a awesome day,

  37. ★.*נєη.яαη∂σм.ραη∂α.qυєєη*...★ Says:

    Dear Mindy,
    I love your blog! x)
    Can yhu plz advertise me?


  38. Shinji Says:

    Dear mindy,why are some people mean at fantage even at their first visit at fantage they agreed that they’ll be nice to others?

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