FTB Points™

Hello Peoplez! This is the FTB Points™ page! Read below for more details.

Ok, so you know how ALOT of people want us to make you Recolors, Moving pics, etc.?

(If you dont know what a recolor or moving picture is, here are pictures of them):

<— Ex. of Moving picture    <—Ex. of  Recolor

Well you can earn points by doing these things:

1. Commenting alot (Gets you 5 points (For every 10 comments you make))

2. Coming up for ideas for the blog (Gets you 10 points per idea (It has to be something original.))

3. Rating posts, making each one 5 stars  (Gets you 2 points. (For every 3 rates.))

4. Keep coming back to the blog (Gets you 2 points (Every 5 times you come back. No pressing F5 a billion times. BE HONEST!)

5. Coming to parties (Gets you 10 points for each party)

PLEASE BE HONEST! If anyone has found out that someone has lied about their points, please tell me, Gbug (on email: gbug1999@gmail.com), who it was. If you do cheat (which I hope none of you did), all of your points will be taken away.

These are the prizes:

1. Adding us on Fantage (for 5 pts. each)

2. Get Moving picture (for 3 pts. each)

3. Get Recolor (for 10 pts. each)

4. Earn you 500 stars (for 13 pts. each)

5. Earn you 5 gems (for 20 pts. each)

Leave a comment telling us your username and what you’ve done. Look under line for User’s points earned.

USERS THAT PURCHASED GEMS OR STARS: When you have enough points, and have decided what you would like to “purchase”, change your password to your favorite animal, and send your username and password to gbug1999@gmail.com . (I don’t hack, just ask around.) Thanks!_______________________________________________________________

User’s amount of points:

Corncake12348: 131 pts.
Cupcake52198 (Linda): 40 pts.
CandyFloss45: 10 pts.
HalfDollarHannah (Cherry): 10 pts.
Kitty58: 17 pts.
Selenagomez123444: 15 pts.
ButterFly2909: 59 pts.
Brandy: 40 pts. 

(And more to come!)

~FTB team

*PS. Please add up the points in your comment telling what you’ve done!!!!*


57 Responses to “FTB Points™”

  1. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    What do you mean give ideas for the blog?? Is it ideas for the new page, recolor, or other things?

    • pinkqtiepie3 Says:

      idk but i have an idea u guys should do for the highst ranking person with points you should give them a prize or something it sounds cool

  2. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    Ideas for pages. AND U CANT COPPY FROM ANY OTHER BLOGS! Btw, we will give the person credit who comes up with the idea, then give them the points for it. Sorry, but if someone says something that someone else already said, the last person doesnt get the points.

  3. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    How come I rated 5 stars on somebodys points and I didn’t earn anything? Wait, I come here everyday -.-

  4. candyfloss45 Says:

    What about having an interview with some fantagian?
    Oh yeah:
    What i did: An idea that came from the back of my mind.
    (I hardly get on blogs, cos i have so much HOMEWORK. 😦 Why? To prepare for SATs.)

  5. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    Why isn’t the points going up?? I did rate 5 stars on a post, come back here (everyday), and I comment a lot (idk but not sure I did comment a lot).

  6. aquapower Says:

    If we come up with an idea can we comment it? (:

  7. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    No sorry, other ppl will try to steal it(:
    Corncake, your points havnt gone up because I didnt KNOW that youre the one who rated 5 stars. You have to TELL ME..Please? 😀

  8. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    Username: Corncake12348

    I rated 5 stars on a post *2 points*, I commented a lot mostly *5 points*, and have come back everyday *2 points*

    This is just an edit what I did :mrgreen:

  9. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    Mkay but like put “I got 9 pts. for doing….” next time. Mkay?

  10. ♫•cнɛяяʏ•♫ Says:

    Username: (do i have to give out my fantage username? or can i just use cherry. If i must put my fantage: halfdollarhannah
    What i’ve done is pitched an idea 😀
    I have an idea kinda. You could put up a weekly mini contest for everyone. And there will be a mini prize. Like whoever wins, will get 10 FTB points or something like that

  11. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    Username: corncake12348

    I have an idea for this blog. How about you make a riddle and when the person solves it correctly, they get a special valentine card

  12. cupcake52198 Says:

    Thumb Up My Comment If Youh Like This Blog.

    ( )_( )
    (* . *)

    – L i n d a <3'

  13. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    Why isn’t my points going up to 19 points?? I gave an idea for FTB

  14. Soccerball999 Says:

    my username is soccerball999 and i have done 3 and 4.

  15. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    that is werid, its like the points are in high to low lolz

  16. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    About the moving picture for the prize, is it a moving picture a picture of you or the person who earned it?

  17. Gbug99 (not logged in) Says:

    The person who *cough cough* “paid” for it gets THEM in the picture. SO you like email the user and pass to me and I make it. OMGOMGOMGGGG I FORGOT TO POST! MY INTERNET JUST GOT “fixed” uhhh…BRB(:

  18. thinny95 Says:

    Ooo can I make a page like this but make a different name? I swear if you let me I’ll give you credit!

  19. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    No. Sorry lol
    Notice how it has a TM at the title. I HATE IT when ppl copy so sorry (:

  20. ❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪κıттч58♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤ Says:

    Username: Kitty58

    What I’ve done: I come here everyday, and I commented on the chat page.

    Total : 7 points

  21. Popstar6774 Says:

    I have an idea what if you do a contest page here and u do a contest every week and u get a prize not like u get ecoins in ur account cuz ppl think ur a hacker but for a prize like u post a banner a pic anything or someone can give u an idea for a pic like u can do an idea page and try to do the ideas on the page and maybe a interview for fantagians that win the contest like the one at fantageguide.wordpress.com/ bestfriend09 got an interview for her page and for the recolors and the moving pics u have to give credit and btw im just giving u ideas and for the ppl that visit u most often u can put a list of the #1 ppl that give u ideas and like are the best and i suggest u could update the fantagian of the week and put more news so u could get like tons of hits thats what happened to my blog and show cheats and other stuff like hints hope these ideas help!

  22. Popstar6774 Says:

    my username is:popstar6774

  23. cupcake52198 Says:

    what about a forum? 0_o we made one a LONG time ago.. like really long ago, but we can reopen one, and forumize as i shall say… ._.

  24. may7908 Says:

    How do you get your pictures on da lil box thing?? u no the box on the right hand corner

  25. ❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪κıттч58♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤ Says:


    What I’ve done:I rated a post,commented,and i have an idea

    Maybe u can have a weekly FMV(Fantage Music Video) contest
    And Get a youtube channel,like for the blog

  26. L i n d a ☮ Says:

    uhhmm well withh jhns permission can wee change the mixpodd to like a public mixpod? liike asking people what kind of songs they want to hear and yeahh… orr just erase the entire mixpod songs and add new ones? COS I DONT LIKE J.B MUSIC loool **ideaa**

  27. Gbug (not logged in on iPod touch) Says:

    Ya jb suxx 😦 have u ever heard his song, “Darling”? He only says 3 diff words through the WHOLE THING xD

  28. austynpowers Says:

    can i start this?
    likeeee put my name up there?

  29. Gbug99 (not logged in) Says:

    Yeah.. Just tell meh what you’ve done (tell the truth!), Okie??

  30. ⓢⓓⓡ1999ⓣⓦⓘⓝ Says:

    How come I barely see u guys

  31. AuStYnPoWeRsssss :) Says:

    Yeah! Austynpowers…
    I rated a post 5 stars…
    Lol I’m on a roll!!!!!!!
    Woop woop 2 points!

  32. selena123444 Says:

    i commented like 3 times.. so 15 points?

  33. Butterfly2909 Says:

    Well, I kept coming back to the blog for 5 days in a row… (10 Points)
    I rated 1 post… (2 Points)
    I commented like 5 times already In the past days…. (25 Points)
    And I just thought of a idea… FantageTheBest Awards!!
    You can have awards for people who comment alot on F.T.B, Participate alot on F.T.B. , friendly on F.T.B. , supportive on F.T.B, etc… The Fantagethebest Awards is held in Fantage, and on here, F.T.B. In Fantage it’s a party. The people who earned awards gets [5] stickers and you get to add them. On here, the awards could be like adding you on fantage, earning stars on fantage, or adding extra 25 points on FTB Points. 🙂
    (10 Points)
    So all together I got 47 points. (:

  34. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    I don’t know if these type of points count… So I hope this works…

    Keep coming back- *62 points* (Well in like exactly a month (July 10-August 10) which has been 31 days so 31×2=62)
    Rating 3 posts (5 stars)- *6 points* (I don’t know if it counts because 2 points for rating a post and I rated 3 post so 2×3=6 soo IDK if it counts)
    Commenting a lot- *5 points* (Well IDK how much I commented so I am just going to put the regular points on there)
    Coming up ideas- How about like make a FTB Book like every week there will be a new Chapter OR How about a Recoloring Page! *20 points* (because I said two ideas and 10×2=20)
    So all together is 93 points and I used to have 19 points so 93+19=112 points.
    So all you need to do is just put 112 points….

  35. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    Ok.. I’ll let this one slide. But, I need to change that. You don’t get that amount of points for coming for one day.. Or a certain amount of points for commenting once.. JHN, can u change that? My mom just called me

  36. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    Nevermind. I got it.

  37. ·•●☮❀☃εϊз~ჩմց~εϊз☃❀☮●•· Says:

    You had points from before.

  38. guurl4life Says:

    hey people it’s pinky and here are my ideas.1.)I think you guys should change the layout on this blog..Not that’s its not good or anything I just think that you guys should spice it up a bit! 2.yeah that’s it lol!Btw, jhn I sent you an email!xDD

    ❤ Pinkypug!! xDD

  39. hechavarria5 Says:

    this channel is halirious

  40. Butterfly2909 Says:

    I already have 47 points.
    . I came to yesterday’s party.(10)
    .I came to the blog 5 times. (2)
    So now I have 59 points.

  41. ☮♥~cσяηcaкєI2ЭЧ8~♥☮ Says:

    Yay!! Thanks Gbug! Why do I get to keep the points?? Is it me being Honesty? :3

  42. tiffo2 Says:

    i hav lots of points

  43. Tinytintins Says:

    I do not understand how you get points, but I REALLY like your blog. Can I ask how you did the Recolor and Moving Picture? Thanks!

  44. elblue101 Says:

    Can i JOIN!!!?
    add me: elblue101

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